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How to Increase Conversion Rate with Splash Page Design

What’s a splash page? This is one of the most useful for a website’s introduction. A splash screen can cover an entire website page or it can be a rectangular close to the middle of the page or screen. Why do you need to make an effective splash page design for your website? Check out this post and discover the answers.
splash page design

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Benefits of a Good Splash Page

If you want to grab your readers’ attention to your page or website, then the help of a creative web designer may be for you. Whether you have a video, text or any other content on your site, a good design can be more effective in hooking your visitors. For one, splash pages are creative and they can be in many designs to choose from, and if you’re able to select the one for you, it can be your creative presentation of what your site is. Splash pages can also display updates and news as well as legal notices of your site.

Why Use a Splash Page Design

  1. Splash pages display disclaimers
  2. Visitors are supposed to select any language
  3. Visitors can choose between a low-bandwidth version and a high bandwidth version
  4. Splash page is supposed to include hints for browsing the site
  5. Splash pages draw visitors’ attention to an important message
  6. They can inform visitors about site requirements
  7. Visitors can choose the preferred view mode
  8. Multiple websites can share the same domain
  9. Splash page is used in awakening the excitement for site content
  10. Splash pages can be used as advertising
  11. Sound is announced

6 Killer Splash Page Designs

  1. 1 Minute Race
  2. Shipment
  3. Choremonster
  4. Evertale
  5. Local Uncle
  6. Sipp

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