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How to Embed HTML5 with Creative Cloud Tutorials

I want to embed my psd to html5 using the creative cloud tutorials, is it possible to directly embed Typekit fonts in my website and host them?

I was introduced and gained access to Typekit because of my Adobe creative cloud tutorials. As a novice, I practice using and converting files from psd to html5. I observed that they are adding a cap on each page views monthly. In fact, it needs more than 5,000,000 caps. I only have 500, 000. I am thinking that this may be because of foundry licensing or my bandwidth use. To increase my page views, I am planning to upgrade my plan. But, it will be possible for me to host the fonts?

I have Typekit fonts in my computer and I would like to download again. Can I still download other fonts and upload it to my web server? Should I still need to ask help from the Typekit services? Because I want it to embed by myself. Am I breaking any agreement if I did this?

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  • The Consequence of Embedding HTML5 with Creative Cloud Tutorials

Based from experience, I say No. Adobe created the page view cap as a means to earn money. They make you aware of your page views so if ever you want for more page views, you can contact them. Your bandwidth and foundry licensing have nothing to do with your views. Remember, Adobe owns plenty of bandwidth and servers. They used these to make everything possible. So, in reality, Adobe is the foundry.

Adobe can detect if you are using a Typekit font. They can determine if you are embedding other odes that their personal codes. With this, you are considered to pirating and bypassing their licensing fees.

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If your website is built from Typekit fonts and your subscription was about to lapse, your website will be damaged. Your website will be hindered from using Typekit fronts. With that, I planned to purchase my own licensed fonts. I refrain syndicating and using Typekit. It is safer.

Moreover, Typekit’s job is to host your website. So, you are not allowed to host your own site.

  • Aside from Using Typekit on My Website, Can I Still Use It to Other Platforms?

Using the Typekit embedded codes, you can add the fonts to your website. This is a requirement based from the web font license. If you can view the web app or website either through a mobile device or the computer desktop, it is still under the web fonts license agreement.

For offline use, generating images through web fonts is prohibited. However, you can use synced fonts from Typekit to generate images and to create web mocks for your site.

Overall, using Creative Cloud Tutorials, you can’t embed HTML 5 or HTML 5.1 on your site. It is possible if you use their embedded codes.  We advise that you just buy a licensed font. That will be safer to your site and convenient to your part as the owner.

Creative cloud tutorials are really useful, but if you don’t know how to do it professionally, request help from our experts!

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