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How to Edit Address Bar Icon or Favicon.ico to Your Website?

The address bar icon, commonly known as favicon is a little icon which is displayed next to the page’s title on the browser tab or next to the URL of the address bar. Favicon helps in the recognition of your website when opened in the browser full of tabs. It thus helps in branding your website by adding the extra polish which your users are going to appreciate.

Wondering how to choose contact form for wordpress? The process is very simple and all you have to do is to follow along the below mentioned steps:

What about the Size?

For adding the favicon icon to your website, you are required to have an image of 16 x 16 pixels. So create an image of 16 x 16 to avoid the resizing issues of a large image.

As the size is quite small, putting the graphics through which your website can be recognized is the key to its success. You can always use your logo or a stylish version of your site or business name.

The file must be saved in the .ico format, and you can use free services such as favicon.cc for converting your required image.

Where to Place it in the website’s directory?

You can place your favicon at the root folder of your domain, but in that case you would be able to get just one favicon for the entire domain. You can also add page specific favicons by saving the image within the images folder of your website and adding the following code to your page:

<link rel=”shorcut icon” href=”/images/specialicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” />

If you want to edit favicon wp, you can simple change the image that you are using following the above mentioned steps and the image will be edited appropriately.

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