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How to Design Your Web Developer Portfolio Websites to Get Hired

web developer portfolio website bannerAs a web developer, when it comes to selling yourself for a new job, the best way you can do it is to send potential clients a link to your web developer portfolio website. After all, your best work is showcased there, and clients will be able to get a quick and easy feel for how you work. Instead of going through a lengthy interview process, they’ll be able to make a sound judgement based on your online portfolio.

How to Design Web Developer Portfolio Websites

But not all of us have web developer portfolio websites or even timeline website. If you’re new to the game, you might be getting ready to create such a site, but perhaps you’re not sure of where – or how – to start. For this reason, we’ve come up with a few handy tips that should help you get ahead of your peers. Let’s take a look.

web developer portfolio websiteAlways upload a photo of yourself

If you take a quick look at a few LinkedIn profiles, you’ll notice that everyone has a pic of themselves. And the best thing is that most of the photos are not business and corporate-like, but casual, relaxed and chilled-out!

When a potential client pops over to your web developer portfolio website and comes across a pic of yourself looking laid-back and friendly, they’ll immediately warm towards you. It gives out a good first impression. Having either no photograph or a serious-looking business-type photograph is a little off-putting. Clients want someone who looks engaging. So engage them visually!

web developer portfolio websiteWrite a tagline

Taglines are incredibly effective at simply and quickly summing up exactly what it is that you do. It could be something as brief as, “Hi, my name is Will, and I’m a web developer based in New York.” Or you could make it a little wittier like they do with movie taglines.

Whatever you come up with, it has to be concise, honest, and it has to convey exactly the right amount of information so that clients know straight away who you are and what you do.

web developer portfolio websites

web developer portfolio websiteKeep things simple

The worst web developer portfolio websites are those that are hard to navigate. You know, the ones where – no matter how hard you try – you simply cannot find the samples of their work! It’s very frustrating and rather than waste time trying to work out how the site works, prospective clients will just get the heck on out of there.

Instead, you need to make your layout user-friendly, and you need to make access to your samples very easy. You could include screenshots of your work on your landing page.

web developer portfolio websiteUse your best samples

When creating a web developer portfolio website, it can be really easy to get a little giddy and include everything we’ve ever done. But there’s no need! Seriously. Just your best work will do.

Otherwise, you’re only going to weaken your chances of getting a job by letting clients take a peek at some of your worst moments. You’re trying to sell yourself here so be selective. If you can’t decide which are your best samples, ask a friend to help out.

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Remember these simple tips for creating a web developer portfolio website!

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