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How To Design A Theme Guide – Shopify Theme Design

shopify theme design

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Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that allows you have to have a shop up and running from scratch in under an hour. Designed for the fast pace of 2015, Shopify is the perfect way to run an online business. But it only really works if you know something about theme development. If you’re looking to sharpen your knowledge of Shopify theme design and create an online store that stands out from the crowd, let’s take a look at the in’s and out’s of designing a Shopify theme using Liquid.

Anatomy of Your Shopify Theme – Your Shopify Theme Manager

Shopify have an atypical structure that comprises a layout,a sets and templates folder:

  • Layout – This folder contains only a single file – liquid – which contains your global elements.
  • Assets – All the files you’ll be using for your theme will be stored here, such as scripts, stylesheets, images et cetera.
  • Templates – Here, you will find all the rest of your Shopify templates. The files contained here are: liquid, product.liquid, cart.liquid, collection.liquid, page.liquid, blog.liquid, article.liquid, 404.liquid, search.liquid.

This is essentially your Shopify theme manager.

There are two fundamental elements you need in your theme.liquid file. You need a {{ content_for_header }} tag, which should be placed at the head of your theme.liquid, and you need a {{ content_for_layout }} tag, which should be slotted in at the body of your theme.liquid.

Each file in your template has access to various variables. product.liquid has access to your products, while cart.liquid has access to your carts. And so on! It’s really easy to get to grips with.

Basic Help For Getting Started

It must be said that some prior knowledge of JS, CSS and HTML is essential to Shopify create theme design. It will certainly be a rocky road if you don’t have any knowledge of the above.

The only real stumbling block you should come across is learning the Liquid variables and which ones are available for each template.

But this is where Vision comes in handy.

What Is Vision?

Vision is an application which gives you the chance to develop themes on your PC or Mac without needed to setup a database or any other kind of frustratingly tricky stuff!

All you need is a web browser or text editor, and you’re ready to go once Vision is installed because everything comes with it.

Vision also contains all of Shopify’s ready-made themes, so you’re ready to rock ’n’ roll immediately!

But What Is Liquid Again?

Before we finish, let’s have a quick look at Liquid, which is the template engine that Shopify developed themselves. Put simply, Liquid processes all those files with the .liquid extension – and as you’ll have noticed, there are many! And because Liquid allows you to fully customise your HTML, you can make you shop look however you want. Ace!

If our advice and all that jazz is way too much for you, just have a look at the best shopify themes to avoid development.

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