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How to Create Teacher Portfolio Website Fast

As a teacher, it pays to have your own teacher portfolio website where you can direct potential employers as well as students when they want to know more about your past experiences and teaching capabilities. You probably have a physical portfolio with you to present alongside your application but in these times where most are using the internet, it pays to have an online portfolio as well because it will be more accessible, searchable, and informative especially when you constantly update it with skills or experiences you have acquired over the years. If you are a student and want to create your online portfolio, then you can look through student portfolio websites to get some inspiration.

Benefits of Creating Your Teacher Portfolio Website

teacher portfolio websiteWhat is it about online portfolios that make it a necessary part of one’s personal career? Well, as it was mentioned before, people are frequently using the internet to search for information as well as make connections not only with their family and friends but also with individuals who have the same interests as them. Business owners are using the internet not only to promote their services but also to look for potential employees. The same goes true with schools that are in need of qualified teachers to join their institution. An online teaching portfolio helps promote a teacher by making his or her background, accomplishments, skills, and experiences accessible to schools easily. Building a portfolio online helps to increase your chances of finding a suitable school to teach in. It is also a good platform to show parents your qualifications so they will know that they are putting their kids in the best hands.

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Tips on How to Create an Online Teacher Portfolio

For those who haven’t created their online brand just yet, here are a few tips to keep in mind before you get started.

  • Find the best platform. Thanks to the internet, there are numerous platforms that you can use in creating your online teaching portfolio such as blog, digital resume, as well as personal website. You should choose one that best suits your needs and your target audience too.

  • Choose what to share. It’s important that you choose carefully what to include in your online portfolio as this will be read by students, parents, as well as academic institutions. If you haven’t updated your portfolio for some time now, you should review its contents to see what direction your teaching career is going. Just make sure that your portfolio contains your teaching philosophy, work samples, recent career development and awards that you have received.

  • Put your portfolio to use. It is important that you use your online portfolio as much as possible if you’re asked to present your background, your experience, and other relevant information about you. This way, they will only need to take a look at your digital portfolio to determine whether you are qualified for the job or not.

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