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How to Create Interactive Timeline in 5 Easy Steps

Before we go on to start to discuss about what an interactive timeline is, it is important that we first of all state what exactly is a timeline and some of the important features of one. A timeline generally refers to a graphical representation of a period in time that can be as long as centuries or millennia and as short as days or hours. It really depends on what is to be depicted and how it can help one to appreciate the period described by the timeline. A timeline has numerous benefits especially for history students and historians alike. Generally, at some point they would need to use a timeline to this end in their academic or professional career. There are timeline makers out there and there are tons of them. There are also timeline tutorials for anyone who needs to know how these timeline works. What is more is that there are different types of timeline, we have the digital timeline, the text timeline, graphical timeline, multimedia timeline, 2D and 3D timeline and some of these timelines crosslink as well. But in this article we would be looking more at interactive timelines with emphasis on how to create an interactive timeline, and the common interactive timeline maker that can help you create interactive timeline. Our make a timeline website guide will help you with this.

What Is an Interactive Timeline?

So what exactly is an interactive timeline? This is one question that will help you in getting the best of this article. Basically an interactive timeline is one that offers you an array of functions. It usually incorporates both graphics and multimedia. In other words, it is not just a plain timeline; it is one that you can easily relate with because of the features that it uses in creating a graphically impressive timeline. The goal while creating any timeline is usually to make it interactive and that is why there are interactive timeline maker out there today. This is because an interactive timeline is best for explaining the events in time. This is also appreciated in a 3D timeline.

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What Are the Main Features to Create Interactive Timeline?

Just like every other timeline the main features of a timeline would include but obviously not be limited to the following

  • First, your timeline must have a title, without the title there is no way you can know what the timeline is all about.
  • Then the timeline must have the events that it is going to contain. This is one of the crucial features of a timeline.
  • It is also important that you try to incorporate graphics as well as multimedia audio and/or video to your timeline as it would make it all the more interactive
  • Of course your timeline should be based on the list of events that was aforementioned and have a starting point
  • The interactive timeline should also have an ending point as this would make it easy to appreciate the whole content of the timeline from beginning to end.
  • Last but not the least is that a timeline cannot be interactive if it does not flow when you read it through. So it is important that the timeline is well structured so that one can appreciate its events in one quick glance.

What Are Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Top 3 Interactive Timeline Maker

  1. iSpring: This is a very popular tool in referencing and timeline creation. It is great for creating interactive timelines.
  • Some of the advantages of iSprng are:
  • It has a built-in audio recorder
  • Timelines can be converted to HTML5, EXE and flash
  • It can create mobile ready timelines
  • It comes with copyright protection options
  • It has a customizable player
  • Some of the disadvantages are:
  • It has to be downloaded
  • It is only compatible with windows
  1. TimeRime: This is a great online interactive timeline maker that works with graphics, texts as well as multimedia.
  • Some of its pros are:
  • You can customize features on the pro version
  • You can edit timelines
  • You can link back to your website
  • Some of the cons are:
  • All timeline isn’t printed because of the crops
  • It has a complex interface
  1. TimeGlider: This is another awesome interactive timeline maker that helps you to incorporate graphics into your timeline. You can personalize timeline through URL and make them public.
  • Some of the advantages are:
  • Supports multimedia files
  • You can record events from year to day or hour
  • Easy to create new event timeline with dialogue box
  • Interface allows viewing of entire timeline in one glance
  • Some of the disadvantages are:
  • It requires registration
  • You cannot easily change the final timeline

Explore awesome timeline JS tutorial that will exactly help you to implement all your ideas!

5 Steps on How to Create an Interactive Timeline

Select a topic: You should have a few list of topics that you want to create your timeline on, you can read around them from libraries before selecting your topic.
Get you material: you would need to get the materials like videos, audios, data and graphics that you would want to incorporate into your timeline.
Select your events: Next you would want to select you events as they occur in chronological order.
A beginning and endpoint: with the sequential arrangements of events you should have a beginning and an end point.
Start the timeline creation: finally you can move on to start to create interactive timeline and you could use an interactive timeline maker for this.

Now you can appreciate what an interactive timeline is and why it is good to have one. You also know about some of its features. With the interactive timeline maker that is available online you can easily learn how to create an interactive timeline.

With the above information there is nothing stopping you from going on to create interactive timeline with the aid of an interactive timeline maker.

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