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How to create gallery plugins for wordpress and photo collage to your website?

With the help of pictures, you can add life to your blog posts and different website messages. However, when having to create a photo gallery for your blog or any other WordPress website, you can always make use of different gallery plugins for wordpress.

One of the most popular photo plugin for wordpress happens to be the Cincopa’s Plugins. By visiting their website, you can choose from any of the 40 skins to choose from. Some of the Photo skins that they offer includes the Lighbox effects, Cooliris 3D and Flash among many others. For creating your own gallery, you need to implement the following steps:

Choosing your Picture Gallery skin

First of all you are required to choose the photo gallery skin, which matches the theme of your WordPress website. You can preview the different options for getting a clear idea about them.

Uploading your Pictures

You can always upload all your pictures that you want to be included in the gallery to your cloud drive, so that you can drag and drop them according to your requirements in the folders when required. The wp cache plugins handle the conversion and transcoding of all your video or picture files, thus resizing and shaping them with extreme convenience.

Embed the pictures with a line of code to your website

You can add the files to the slideshow by using the code that will be generated by Cincopa and place it anywhere on the web. This will give an extremely professional look to your wordpress blog.

Why Prefer Picture Gallery Over an Image List?

Although you can manually insert your pictures in the blog post, its quite inefficient and time consuming. With the help of cincopa’s picture gallery plugins, you can easily create and add high quality picture galleries to your website pages and posts. With the available styles, you can make your image gallery look like anything but a simple picture list.

Furthermore, there are ways through which you can create your very own photo collage. With the help of various WordPress Photo collage plugins, you can give cool effects to your pictures. However, you can also do it without the use of plugins with the new features of wordpress media settings. The layouts covered include rectangle, square and circle.

For selecting the style layout for your pictures, Go to Settings>Media in your blog’s dashboard.

Scroll to ‘Image Gallery Carousel’ and select ‘display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic’ option.

This will give a new look to your blog images by default, without you requiring to change it manually. However if you want, you can also manually change the layout of your gallery by adding the following short codes:

Gallery type=”rectangular”

Gallery type=”square”

Gallery type=”circle”

You can also set captions and appear when you hover to the image. Through these new gallery options, you can easily create your very own photo collage without using any plugin, but you can also use plugins for adding different styles to your pictures.

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