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How to Create Custom Backgrounds Theme on Thumb.it

Who would believe that a PowerPoint presentation can be turned into Twitter custom backgrounds? The PowerPoint presentation is commonly used on forums, seminars and reporting to entice your audience during your presentation. Similarly, it is also possible to lure your website visitors through adding a PowerPoint presentation custom background.

Through the thumb app, we can easily create a Twitter background using the presentation. Here are quick easy steps to make a creative and stylish background using the thumb app. The only limitation in creating the background is the 800kb Twitter’s size required.

Step 1: Downloading the Template Twitter Background

The width of the template is 1280 pixels. You can use either the PowerPoint 2007 for Windows and PowerPoint 2004 for Mac. The tested Keynote is ’08.

custom backgrounds

Image credit: appappeal.com

Step 2: Creating the Twitter Background

After downloading the PowerPoint and Keynote’s template, open it. Four boxes will appear. These boxes resemble to several Twitter Features like the Twitter Logo, Navigation Bar, Main content and Side Bar.

Create your own design. No limitation is required in this step. You can insert creative texts and enticing colors to make the background more attractive. But you should remember the following keynotes in designing your page background.

  • Allow more space for the design located on the main content’s left area because content placement changes, either left or right, dependent on the window size of the browser.
  • Graphics may cover the right sidebar of the background for large computer screens.
  • Depending on the quality output of your desired image, small sized text may appear pixilated.
  • For most computer screens, the default template size is 1920×1200 PX. You are allowed to change the size of the template depending on your requirement.
  • Before editing or using a photo or design of other photographers and designers, always ask for authorization. Respect other’s rights.

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Step 3: Exporting Your Fresh Twitter Background

For Windows’ users, expect a long process before you can export your Twitter background. Admittedly, exporting PowerPoint to JPEG is tough, especially in choosing the resolution and the size of your slides. There are three useful options in exporting the files:

  • Follow this step: File -> Save As. Select the file type JPEG before saving. You can also use Microsoft Paint. Change the size of image to 1920×1200 in the Attributes option.
  • If the first option provides a low quality output, fix it through the registry to adjust the resolution of the image.
  • If still unsatisfied with the results of the first two options, use the PPTools ImageExport. This is an add-in that provides you access to the export process. This is a paid tool that is useful for PowerPoint.

In Apple’s OS X, exporting your Twitter background is fast and convenient. Also you can try to check out other graphic design tutorials for such goal.

Step 4: Uploading Your Newest Twitter Background

To activate your Twitter background, log-in to your account and go to Settings. Select the Design tab in your Setting and upload the background with the Background Image field. If the background did not display, click the Home link located at the top of your Twitter Page.

You just uploaded your first ever PowerPoint Twitter Background. Congratulations and enjoy your new and creative layout with our website!

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