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How to Create a Theme with Our Professional Services

Standing out from the crowd on the Internet doesn’t have to be tricky when you come to the Theme Development for assistance.

How To Create A Theme With Our Professional Services

If you come to Theme Development for help with creating an exciting new web theme that suits your brand, the process couldn’t be simpler:

You Make Contact

create a themeGet the ball rolling by getting in touch with us and telling us all about your theme requirements. We encourage you to be as open as possible, setting out your plans and ideas. We will bounce ideas around that will help us make a theme that is right for you, and will seek your approval before drawing up a plan of action to take onto the next stage. Communication is paramount at this point, as we make both parties fully understand the direction the project will be heading in.

We Plan

make a themeOur expert team will take your ideas and execute a plan of action. We will strategise your entire theme as we look to create a theme that is functional, gorgeous, and which suits you and your needs. Home to a team of visionaries and creative thinkers, our brain storming sessions always hit the spot.


We Design

create a themeNow the magic happens, as our team of professional coders work on the design and custom development of your theme. We keep in contact with you at all times, as we seek to make a theme that is perfect for your website. Execution of page layout, choice of colours and fonts, as well as page colour all come together.

We Deliver On Time

make a themeWhen we have crafted a product that we think is suitable, we send you a test version for you to play around with. If this is what what you are looking for, we’re ready to launch. If you request any changes, we are happy to make as many as you’d like before delivering the final product within the specified timeframe.

So don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to create a theme!