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How to Create a Killer Software Engineer Portfolio Website Using WordPress

software engineer portfolio website bannerAre you a software engineer who is finding it hard to sell yourself? Perhaps you’ve looked through a tonne of job ads, with each one asking to see your online portfolio. Except, without an online portfolio, you haven’t been able to apply. Instead, the only job application you’ve submitted in the last month was for a job that didn’t ask for a portfolio but which did ask for your bank details a minute after you’d applied. Hmm. Not cool.

Software Engineer Portfolio Website Creating

So now you’ve decided to get yourself a software engineer portfolio website. This is it, you tell yourself. This is the moment you’re gonna sign up to WordPress and begin a bright new future. But you just can’t get going. You have no ideas. You just don’t know how to create a killer engineer portfolio website. It’s been weeks and all you’ve got is a name. And you don’t even like that.

But don’t fear! Because we are now gonna hit you up with some free tips on how to create a killer software engineer portfolio website using WordPress.

software engineer portfolio website questionAsk yourself why you want a website

This doesn’t mean you have to indulge in some introspective soul-searching. But you do need to determine exactly why you’re going to spend the next week creating a website.

For example, are you going to use it to advertise yourself for jobs? Are you going to use it for network, or are you going to use it for sales purposes? Defining exactly why you’re creating w a software engineer portfolio website will help you to inject it with some structure and organisation. You know, so that it doesn’t look like an incoherent mess.

software engineer portfolio website

software engineer portfolio website workShowcase your work

Whatever is the reason for creating your engineer portfolio website, you’ll still need it to showcase your work. And, when you think about it, this needs to the main reason you’re creating an online portfolio. Because, you know, that’s what a portfolio is all about.

The problem is that it’s very easy to create a website that isn’t user-friendly or simple enough, with the result being that a potential client lands on your page and leaves early because they couldn’t even find your work. Make sure it’s accessible and easy to use. Don’t try to get too clever with the web design.

software engineer portfolio website emailMake your email visible

As well as making sure your online portfolio is accessible, you need to remember to make sure that people can easily find how to contact you. If a prospective client thinks your work looks awesome and decide to email you, imagine how they’ll react if they can’t even find your email address because you either forgot to include it or hid it somewhere?

software engineer portfolio website wordpressUse WordPress plugins

WordPress is home to a wealth of plugins that help you to get the perfect look for your software engineer portfolio website – and they’re remarkably easy to use as well. The plugin will give you your theme (there are so many to choose from), and allows you to create your portfolio that you can easily alter according to criteria that you get to set.

Everything is easy to use and edit, with the result being that you’ll end up with an awesome, sophisticated looking website for your work. WordPress plugins are full of features that you can use to your advantage when looking to showcase your work to clients. Instead of a patched together website, you’ll have one that looks professional!

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