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How to Create a Journalist Portfolio Website to Showcase Your Best Work

journalist portfolio website bannerIf you’re working as a freelance journalist, the chances are that every prospective client is going to ask to see a portfolio of your work before they hire you. And because many of us work remotely these days, you’re thus going to need to a journalist portfolio website to easily show off your work to potential clients around the world.

Demonstrate Your Best Work with Your Journalist Portfolio Website

And we’re guessing the reason you’re here today is because you’ve decided that, whilst you’ve decided the time is finally right for you to create your very first journalist portfolio website, you’re a little nervous about how to go about it. You perhaps aren’t sure where to start, and what kind of things you need to take into consideration. For this reason, because we’re nice people we’ve decided to help you out by offering a few tips on how to go about creating journalism portfolio websites.

journalist portfolio website targetBear in mind your target audience

You first need to bear in mind who you’re aiming your website at. Are you trying to sell your services to specific clients, newspapers, or are you just showcasing your work in general? Once you know who your target audience is, you’ll be able to build your website accordingly.

journalist portfolio website

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journalist portfolio website editorUnleash the editor in you

We know that writers can sometimes be the worst editors (sorry!), but as a journalist you’ll be used to editing by now, so it’s essential that you bring all you’ve learned so far to the table and edit out your worst works.

This means you have to be selective about the types of samples you’re going to be uploading to your journalist portfolio website. Don’t upload everything, and if you have a dead twitter page that you never use – don’t include it! It will only put clients off. Remember, you need to maximise your potential.

journalist portfolio website timetableMake a timetable

One of the reasons why many of us put off creating online portfolios of our work is that they just take up too much time. We argue that we’d rather be working and making money than wasting time creating something that might not even bring us any work.

But journalism portfolio websites are effective in the long run, and they do work. To ensure that you’re not wasting too much time setting one up, we advise that you make a timetable so that you can schedule your money-making endeavours around it. Perhaps devote an hour a day to your website.

journalist portfolio website styleShow off your style

This kinda ties in with your target audience. If you have a certain style that you excel at, then show it off in the way you design your website. For example, if you’re writing style is catchy, engaging, snappy and occasionally humorous, then make sure that everything on your site – from your landing page to your contact page to your bio – reflects this style. You can optimise this by using certain fonts that are in tune with your style.

If, however, the tone of your website is serious and mundane – a complete contrast to your writing style – you’re going to confuse a lot of clients.

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Build your journalism portfolio website with the help of our tips!

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