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How to Convert PSD to HTML5

Several sites used Photoshop to fake sites. But, the process is unfamiliar and vague to some. How do weconvert PSD to HTML5 using CS6 Tutorials? Today, it will only take minutes to convert PSD to HTML5. Through utilizing and learning about CS6 Tutorials Export kit, it is easy to transform your designs.

Your Photoshop (PSD) Design

  • Converting your Photoshop design into HTML5 is tough. It requires expertise for valid and clean code of converting. With the Photoshop Export Kit, you will make the process painless and convenient. Moreover, it will save you time and money.
  • Search Google for free PSD Template. You can use this to generate your CSS3 and HTML website with the help of Export Kit. Some modifications are required by the free online PSD to correct HTML5 web export. Furthermore, making your design a multi- page, dynamic and responsive, including layer tags is necessary.

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Photoshop Layers

  • Export Kit Layer Process helps in naturally creating your Photoshop designs without altering any of its style. A new Photoshop folder will nest on top of the existing layers. So, in creating your site, it is imperative to begin with the Header, next is the Content, and lastly is the Footer. The Export Kit can help you with your web designing.
  • To customize the CSS or HTML after exporting, use precise layer names. This is important because Export Kit renders “What You See Is What You Get or WYSIWYG”.
  • To keep the coding consistent and convenient in finding the elements, use common names like Header, footer, Content, section, Nav, button and others.
  • Unique names should be used in your PSD file. If not, CSS errors will likely occur.
  • An empty layer will stop the export.
  • Use several folders and layers in designing your PSD.

Customizing Text and Shapes

  • Export Kit has both Shape and Text support. For processing both tools, special settings are not necessary.
  • Depending on your browser, you can view the exported HTML5. Export Kit supports CSS Fonts.
  • Add to your Photoshop design several Google Fonts of your choice. A jQuery script can help you to add these fonts to your site.
convert psd to html5

Image credit: youtube.com/channel/UCREU7e9E2luuV03DWDWlutg

Using the Layer Effects

Enhancing your output is possible with Layer Effects. Through adding some rendering features, your PSD to C33 files will be more pleasing. The Export Kit renders the Photoshop layered effects directly in CSS3 and HTML5 or HTML 5.1.

The CSS Code

Select the image layer by going to the menu bar: Layer -> Copy CSS. By right-clicking on the layer, you can also use get the access to the Copy CSS. The CSS code will be copied to clipboard. This will provide ease in inserting the code in the code editor.

The generated code when pasted on the code editor produces a similar output except that not all features are copied perfectly. But even if the conversion was not done successfully, it helps us to save time in coding. Moreover, converting PSD6 into HTML5 maximizes the compatibility through adding some browser prefixes.

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