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How To Configure Dreamweaver For Creating Drupal Theme

creating drupal theme

Dreamweaver is an application used by web designers and developers to create websites and applications for use across multiple targets (including browsers, devices, and tablets). Thankfully, XTND.US released a Drupal extension for Dreamweaver that means you don’t need to configure Dreamweaver manually. This saves time and lots of hassle during your Drupal theme development.

The extensions are user-friendly, and are often used by theme designers and developers who are working with Dreamweaver to create Drupal themes. With these extensions, you can:

  • Install files
  • Writer your own modules
  • Install theme engines and template files
  • Module install schema files

Some Tips For Configuring Dreamweaver For Creating Drupal Theme

There is a coding standards tweak that is necessary.

  • To do this, you first need to head on over to edit and then preferences before locating the category titled “Code Format”. Then you need to specify 2 space in the indent option, while setting the tab size to 2. Save your changes.
    create drupal themes
  • While you create Drupal templates in Dreamweaver, you might notice that your code uses tabs instead of spaces. To fix chunks of code, hold down CTRL+A before right clicking “selection”. You then need to select “change tabs to spaces.”
  • Your next step is to make sure that your tabs really have been converted to spaces.
  • Head to your preferences page before selecting “Code Colouring.” Find the PHP document and select “Edit Colouring Scheme”. You can change the PHP script bracket to a difference colour, such as dark green or dark blue. But you cannot change it to black.
  • One of the problems that is faced by theme developers who wish to create Drupal themes in Dreamweaver is that Dreamweaver sometimes demands a PHP ending tag. This becomes a problem because Drupal coding standards forbid it. You can develop with it in Dreamweaver, but you need to remember to remove it before you upload your theme.
  • Dreamweaver’s “Apply Source Formatting” command may be dated; test it out before committing.

How To Manually Create Drupal Template In Dreamweaver

First, locate the following DW config files:

  • MMDocumentTypes.xml
  • Extensions.txt.

If you’re having trouble locating theme, use the Find File function.

Head on over to the edit menu and then preferences in order to add the extensions. “Open in Code View” identifies extensions.

For extensions.txt. you need to change All Documents to include TAL,XTMPL,MODULE,THEME,ENGINE,INFO,INC,INSTALL

In the case of MMDocumentTypes.xml, you need to change the line starting document type id=“HTML” to the following:

<documenttype id="HTML" internaltype="HTML" winfileextension="htm,html,shtml,shtm,stm,tpl,lasso,xhtml,tal,xtmpl" macfileextension="htm,html,shtml,shtm,tpl,lasso,xhtml,tal,xtmpl" file="Default.html" writebyteordermark="false">

You will also need to add .module, .engine and .theme wherever appropriate.

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