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How to Choose the Best Free Shopping Cart Website

Selecting a free shopping cart website for your online business is not as easy as it looks. Due to the numerous presence of best free shopping cart available online, you need to find one that fits your needs perfectly. Below are some recommendations for free shopping cart website currently on the internet.


free shopping cart website
  • Virtuemart is one of the most popular shopping carts you can find online. It is a component of Joomla, and has a forum trend due to its large community of users. A manual is contained within the installation package along with other features. This particular shopping cart also has reports per product by date although it does not provide any feature to develop reports for stocks at low level.


free shopping cart website
  • This shopping cart ecommerce is the best option if you want a quick setup for your ecommerce trade. Installation requires two minutes only after which you can view the tutorials or get the free users guide by downloading it to your personal computer. The overall look and features of PrestaShop is good and it also comes with shipping features linked to UPS and FedEx. The only downside is that options to compute shipping based on weight is not given and the cost of module are not free.


free shopping cart website
  • TomatoCart is easy to use and install. Its administrative tool is user friendly for those who are using Windows since it renders the same feel and look. Payment options like Moneybookers, the Authorize.net gateway and PayPal. TomatoCart does not support automatic cost computations for FedEx and UPS. Custom modules are not included in the package which makes adjustments difficult.


free shopping cart websit
  • Magento requires PHP extension that is why it is difficult to install if you do not have it installed by default in your server. However, if a PHP extension is available or installed, Magento is a great shopping cart software you can find online. It supports the shop by category option like eBay, and provides many options for shipping and payment. It also has the ability to operate several online stores from a single desktop.

The tested best free shopping cart online has been detailed above, find one which is most suitable for your business!

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