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How to Choose the Best Drupal Shopping Cart

drupal shopping cart

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A basic feature that can normally be found on all ecommerce businesses is the cart for customers to collect items and also pay online. The Drupal shopping cart module is a shopping cart software that stores and process information pertaining to customer profiles and shipping.

The Drupal shopping cart allows users to select or modify the types of content that can be added to the shopping cart Drupal ecommerce site even for a small quantity of products only.

Features of Drupal Shopping Cart

  • Permits the user to select the kinds of contents that will be added to the Drupal shopping cart.
  • It allows the vendor to either send  or not send an email to the customer after an order was placed.
  • The Drupal shopping cart module provides email messages that can be modified for the use of the vendor and client, which also contain details of the orders made.
  • Listing and order registration can be done in the administration section through the Views module.
  • Can be integrated with the Rule module and provides block that shows the contents of the cart.

Drupal Shopping Cart Usage

  • First step is to install the module
  • For goods that do not exist in your website, but which you would like to sell – make a new content category for them. If the content category is already there then skip this particular step in the process.
  • Next choose content types from the module configuration section that looks like this: Configuration – Basic Cart or admin/config/basic_cart_settings.
  • Then make a view for the content classifications or categories in order to see the shop’s overview. Although if this feature is already present then leave out this step.
  • Activate the block that will show the cart preview.
  • Begin adding products in any recently created content category. If you already have one then start adding products in it.

Theshopping cart Drupal setup is regarded by many as more complex to use than the Ubercat when it comes to basic utilization. But Drupal is considered the best shopping cart setup for small online stores that have few products to offer and sell to prospective customers online.

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