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How to Choose Best Shopping Cart Icon

shopping cart icon

Image credit: www.myfreephotoshop.com

When you see an envelope icon, ‘mail’ or ‘message’ is the first thing that comes to your mind. When you come across with a phone receiver icon, all you can think of is ‘contact’ or ‘call back’ idea. And when you see a ‘cart’ icon, all you can think of is ‘purchase’. These icons have create a mental image for everyone. An image that will linger at the back of your mind without even thinking about them because they are powerful enough to create a memory.

Visuals are important parts of an advertisement. It creates recall to your customers while breaking the monotony and continuous flow of text inside your webpage. Choosing the right shopping cart icon does not only remind your clients that they need to complete a purchase but more importantly, it gives them a fun and fulfilled experience with your online store. They also add confidence on the product that they put inside their online shopping carts.

Tips and Recommendations On Choosing The Best Shopping Cart Icons

  • The power of black and white. Minimal designs are often associated with class and elegance – and black and white icons will attest to that. This color combination is hard to miss and it imposes professionalism.
  • The striking bolder lines. If you want something to call out attention, you strike it with bolder and stronger font size such as typicons. These are single symbols written in bold characters.
  • Innovative Infographics. These are recent discoveries – just when graphic artists revolutionize how texts are written. A shopping cart icon can be expressed through infographics especially when you are portraying a process.
  • 3D graphics. The use of Photoshop and other vector editing software also improved how shopping cart icons are created. These 3D graphics are oftentimes colorful with embossing effect that will surely catch buyers’ attention. Among the best parts to highlight using a 3D shopping cart icon are SALE items, product quality, discounts and freebies.

Always remember to put yourself in the shoes of your buyers. If you are the one in their position, which shopping cart features would you want to see? And above all these tips for a shopping cart icon, it is still best that you stay true to the quality and price of your product.

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