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How to Check if I Have a Secure Shopping Cart

secure shopping cart

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Security is a big deal for both buyer and seller. If you are the buyer, you would like to make sure that you are buying from a legitimate company and that the shopping cart where you put your merchandize is free from bugs and any possible threat. On the other hand, if you are the seller, you would want to make sure that you are dealing with a buyer who will pay for what they have shopped. Below are the indications of the most secure shopping cart software.

Indications Of A Secure Shopping Cart:

  • It has a secured web address. You can spot a secured web address if it starts with an http:// or https://, meaning it uses a secured and encrypted connection.
  • It uses a legitimate webpage. A secured and legitimate webpage has the name and logo of the company, the physical address or phone number of the business entity that you can contact directly.
  • It does not allow pop up ads and unsolicited emails. You can ensure that you are using a safe shopping cart when you are not bothered by sudden advertisements popping anywhere in your window. If it happens that you received an unsolicited email, do not click on it right away as it may contain malware or virus.
  • It has the right price. People’s attention is often caught by drop prices on merchandises. But it is not always legit to deal with unbelievably low prices as they may come from unlicensed distributors. Take time to verify prices of the same product from different merchants.
  • Verify the return policy of the merchant. Safe and secure shopping cart allows their buyers to exercise their right as consumers by disclosing a return policy act.
  • Check the privacy statement. You can also verify the shopping cart security based on its privacy statement wherein the company will disclose how your personal information and data provided are protected. This is also a protection for buyers who will enter to the agreement as they feel comfortable with the company’s security policy.
  • Credit card payments. A legitimate company agrees on credit card payments as they partner with issuing banks. Credit cards are also safe than debit cards.

For better results you can add a PHP shopping cart to your website.

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