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How to Add Shopping Cart to Website in 6 Steps

how to add shopping cart to website

When selling products online, you must add shopping cart to website to make it more convenient for shoppers. There are easy ways on how to add a shopping cart to a website. A proper way on how to add shopping cart to website is given below.

Steps on How to Add Shopping Cart to Website

  1. Create an Online Account

First thing that needs to be done is to create an account using an internet merchant service or from your personal bank. A service fee is often charge on your customer’s credit card when they deposit money into your account, or work on the purchasers’ credit card orders.

  1. Check if Web Host Offers Free Shopping Cart

After you have opened your account with a web hosting firm, navigate their website and look if they offer a free shopping cart that is free or if they will charge a minimum fee monthly. If this is the case, then add shopping cart to website by following the instructions given on how to add a shopping cart to a website.

  1. Open a PayPal Shopping Cart

Try adding a PayPal shopping cart to your website, since it is the most trusted medium of payment for online buyers. PayPal normally charges a minimal fee. If you use PayPal then there is no need to open a merchant account in order to accept credit card payments.

  1. Use free source software online to access your free shopping cart

Open source software is created in a collaborative way, and is free for everyone to download and use. It often comes with a free shopping that has technical support and documentation, which makes it practical to use like any shopping cart that you must have to pay.

  1. Purchase software to install shopping cart to your website

Shopping carts can usually be tailored to suit your needs. Prices for shopping cart software are approximately from $65 to $200.

  1. Use Hypertext Pre-processor with Structured Query Language

You can likewise program your very own shopping cart but is a complex process which is normally done by professional web designers.

You have various options on how to add shopping cart to website as given above, choose one that suits your needs perfectly!

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