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How to Add Free Shopping Cart

free shopping cart

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free shopping cart
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Setting up your online business webpage at minimum cost can be done by utilizing a free shopping cart. Free shopping carts provide ample solutions and practical management of online stores. Read on below to find out how to set up your online store with a free shopping cart.

Creating a PayPal Shopping Cart

One of the easiest ways to build your ecommerce business is to use the best free shopping cart feature of PayPal.

How to Create a PayPal Account

Step 1

Sign up for a PayPal account and choose the premier account if you are selling products under your name; or you can also open a business type of account if you prefer to selling under a business name.

Step 2

After you have signed up and set up the PayPal account, you can start building your business’ webpage.

Step 3

Add items that you will be selling, while inserting a description of each item. Add an image of the items you are going to sell so customers can see what the products look like.

Step 4

Then insert the “add to cart button”, and choose Insert > Extra > PayPal eCommerce on the menu. Set the button type to “Add to Cart”. Now enter your email address on the appropriate PayPal Account space. You can choose to either use the default “add to cart” button pattern or select another button in its place.

  • “Add to Cart button” – buyers can add one or more items into the shopping cart.
  • “View Cart Button” – allows users to check the contents of their cart when they like.

Step 5

Enter all the needed information in the details section. Also input the item name and item ID where appropriate. Indicate the prices and the currency you are willing to accept as payment. Enable the “allow customers to edit quantity” to give customers the option to buy more products.

Step 6

Specify the correct URLS in the Payment Pages area. The successful payment URL is where PayPal will send the payments after being processed and the cancel payment URL is where PayPal will send customers who would like to cancel an order.

If you need more information, we’ve already prepared some useful ecommerce shopping cart solutions for you.

If you like to add more items to your free shopping cart, simply repeat the steps above!

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