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Hot Programming Trends – Don’t Get Burned

latest programming trendsInformation and computing technology changes every single day. Keeping pace with every development proves impossible, however, most changes are merely new ways for us to do the same things, only much better. Grid computing certainly isn’t new, but we’re doing it way better than we did decades ago. Programming hasn’t changed much except in its accommodation for new and expanded functionality, or preferences of picky developers. Though changes are not dramatic, it’s still difficult to stay on top of everything; furthermore, it’s a challenge deciding what really deserves your attention and implementation. In this guide, we zero in on key programming trends impacting business, science, and life.

3 Programming Trends You Need to Know About

Important programming trends impact the substance of programming and functional aspects of infrastructure in a major way such as the characteristics of the languages we use, custom theme development methods, and equipment.


Old-school programming language development demanded building everything from the ground up. Today, people simply write a preprocessor which translates new code into existing code, often code with extensive libraries and APIs. Languages like Python and Javascript, once limited to small tasks, now find use in all sorts of areas they don’t belong. People who detested the sloppiness of Javascript spawned CoffeeScript. CoffeeScript is a preprocessor allowing coders to ditch the punctuation. This technology also brought us Groovy, Java-Lite with less punctuation.

CSS FrameworksCSS Frameworks

programming trends

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Web page design originally consisted of embedding CSS in other code, or creating separate CSS files detailing design. Websites have become so complex that simple CSS files don’t cut it. A small adjustment to a file can easily knock the entire site’s design off balance. New frameworks like Foundation, Groundwork, Pure, and Gumby create real structure in CSS by implementing proper programming constructs. It’s old news in programming, but an important step at the design level.

Almost Big Data: Analysis Sans HadoopAlmost Big Data: Analysis Sans Hadoop

When the business world began to see and feel the results of big data, it inspired many to dive in. This enthusiasm led to a “bigger is better” mentality. They ignored one very important detail – every problem doesn’t need that much data. Some problems are managed pretty well with medium data, or even little data. Companies like Google need petabytes for their analysis, but the average company does not require a Hadoop grid of several massive machines; they can do fine with a single, modest box.

Also, see our chart of CMS comparison and choose the most appropriate for you!

The Latest Programming Trends Set to Change the Game

programming trendSome programming trends are clearly instrumental in shaping or starting a new era. They alter important technology, paradigms, or infrastructure dramatically.

trendsSpark Defeating Hadoop

Every great tool or technology gets pushed aside eventually or substantially improved. Spark is making Hadoop look dated. It takes the best of Hadoop with regard to interpreting large data sets, and updates this functionality in ways that accelerate code. One distinguishing quality of Spark is holding data in fast memory rather than writing to the file system. Some people are opting for a Franken-system in which they use Hadoop for storage, and Spark for operations.

Neo-AI Supplanting Big DataNeo-AI Supplanting Big Data

Data never tells the whole story. It’s meaningless without great interpretation, and this reality set the stage for artificial intelligence, which essentially upgrades our big data from a collection of data to large-scale machine interpretation. The technology of course targets lightening the interpretation load of humans, with careful consideration of the fact that machines are great at calculation, and terrible at interpretation.

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IaaS, and Grids Replacing Traditional SystemsIaaS, and Grids Replacing Traditional Systems

The dynamic nature of modern business and technology means buying is a sucker bet. It also makes buying substantially more expensive than any IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS option. That expense exists not only in basic operational costs, but also in the gains attributed to your technology. These services also carry the perks never found in owned infrastructure; for example, preferred options. You not only upgrade with ease, but also switch to preferred or comfort options just as easily, with none of the expenses or hassle.

Much changes going forward, but the fundamentals remain the same. New tools and technologies partnered with existing ones can make you or your investment an agile force to be reckoned with. Many fear the associated growing pains, or get frustrated trying to ride new waves, but these innovations are merely options; with very few demanding adoption.

Learn programming trends and use our guide to decide which will drive your success!

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