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Hosting Shopping Cart

hosting shopping cart

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If you’re selling hosting packages and plans, you might need a hosting shopping cart that will come with all the features and functions you are looking for to make it convenient for your visitors or users to buy your offers. Some of the best hosting carts come with good search engine friendly features you will need to make your marketing efforts effective.  The shopping cart software comes with a database driven that can export and import, customized and secure server capability.

What Can You Expect from Hosting Shopping Cart?

Aside from those previously-mentioned, this hosting cart is secure serve enabled which is something to improve the security of your site and your user’s personal and credit information. It can also be customized with your website’s theme; therefore, you can create a template for itself from any of your site’s page.

On this Precision Hosting, you can also watch demos to help you in getting started to using it as well as in customizing your template import in order to make the hosting shopping cart look like the rest of your pages, blending well to the concept or theme of your website.

The shopping cart software also allows credit cards to be processed manually with the built in secure order viewer and current credit card terminal as well as verifying such. One of the best things is that this shopping cart can also be linked when processing and verifying credit card receipts online and then depositing them directly into your very own bank account.

Other Features

  • Secure SSL
  • Fast and easy shopping cart integration
  • And so many more…

Some Websites Using Web Hosting Shopping Cart

Some sites using the product are Proline Products functionality to using customized HTML for simple shopping cart, including products on specific pages. Mass Music also uses it for shopping cart with its custom template and a Morehouse Farm that uses it in making extensive custom design and custom HTML codes from the shop for products found on specific pages. It is also used by Christian Homeschool Store for shopping cart with custom template.

What are you waiting for? Use the web hosting shopping cart today!

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