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Get the Best Video Background Loops

Improve your websites effectiveness with video background loops

Using video background loops is a trend in website development that started with the implementation of HTML5. It made it much more feasible for websites to switch from static images to video background. HTML code as of HTML5 uses the <video> tag that along with some other developments within CSS and the use of Javascript allows website developers to use video without the rendering issues previously encountered. Now you can take full advantage of the ability to run video in background of website pages to deliver your message more effectively. Where before a video delivering critical information may have been overlooked, it is much less likely when you have a looping video background. It is hard to miss the video when the background of your website is the cool moving backgrounds and plays as soon as the page is opened.

How to choose video background loops

There are a number of considerations when selecting the video loops that you will use in web design background patterns. Be sure to look at everything before you settle on the video you will use. Some of the things you should be considering will include:

  • Video length: A video that is too long may lose the interest of viewers and will also increase the size of the video and loading time. Too short and it can be over-repetitive and appear jerky when it is playing. You are looking for that sweet spot somewhere in between.
  • Browser compatibility: If you want to take full advantage of your video background, you will need to have several formats as no format is recognized by all browsers. If the video doesn’t come in all of the necessary formats there are many different video converters you can use to convert to the formats you are lacking.
  • Cross device: Just as with browsers, you will need to use several formats to cover the various devices being used to view your site. Around fifty percent of searches online are made using mobile devices and you don’t want to miss out on that.
  • Readability: The video you select should contrast with other elements on your website. You don’t want text or any other parts of your site to blend in with the video so that it isn’t noticed. It should stand out and having a video loop that contrasts with other parts of your site makes those elements more visible. It also helps if the background is relatively consistent so that text is readable throughout the entire video.
  • Relevant: There must be a connection between the background video and the message you want to send and that connection should be obvious to the viewer. You don’t want to leave the viewer scratching their head and wondering why that video is on your site.

So now you know some of the criteria for choosing video loops to use for your website background. The next question to answer is where are you going to find the video you need?

Websites where you can get video background loops

The best solution for your website video loop to use as a background is to make your own video. However, in many cases there are budget constraints and it just isn’t an option. Some online sources for video background loops for your website are available. Here is a list of websites where you can get the looping video you need:

  1. Coverr

background loops

High quality stock videos on most topics

  1. Cute Stock Footage

background loops

Cute Stock Footage offers free and premium video loops

  1. Fancy Footage Club

background loops

This site delivers video right to your inbox and offers five new videos every month

  1. Mazwai

background loops

Site offering many free HD video loops

  1. Motion Backgrounds

video background html

Free looping motion backgrounds but it is required to sign up to download videos

  1. Movie Tools

video background html

Animated background loops

  1. Partners in Rhyme

Download free and premium video background loops

  1. Pexels

web design background patterns

This site offers videos by category simplifying the search process

  1. Splashbase

video in background of website

Free looping video on a site that is easily searched

  1. Vimeo Free HD Stock Footage

video in background of website

Collection of free HD stock footage

There is a good chance one of the sites listed here will have the video background loop you need.

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