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Frequently Asked Questions About Google Wallet

Google Wallet FAQ sheets make the service easier to work with.

While Google Wallet is a popular mobile payment system, it’s left some system administrators high and dry. Several pressing questions have been collected here for the benefit of those who might be struggling with the system. These are often posed to technicians and other help service personnel.

What happens if I see “Sign into a different account to access Google Admin” each time I attempt to log in, even if I don’t have a different account?

This happens if you’ve tried to logon to the account without signing up for any special Google Apps credentials. Users experiencing this problem will need to sign up for Google Apps for Business with their particular domain name in order to access the administration console.

Sign into a different account to access Google Admin

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What do I do if I receive a “no domain by that name” error when attempting to sign up for Google Apps for Business in order to access the Google Wallet administration screen?

Those who receive this error need to do a Who.is search to ensure that the domain is not available for purchase. If it states that it is, the domain is not actually owned or the status has not yet been updated yet.

Google Wallet Question

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What does it mean if I receive “Sorry, we had an error processing your signup for Google Apps for Business. Please complete the registration page again.” when trying to access the Google Wallet?

First, attempt to access admin.google.com with the Super Admin account. This may very well clear the problem. If not then check to make sure that the domain is entered correctly. Make any corrections that are necessary, and then sign back into the account. Also make sure that there aren’t any types of domain restrictions that could stall things up.

Sorry, we had an error processing your signup for Google Apps for Business


What is automatic renewal and how do I turn it off?

Google Wallet users who have been experiencing problems might eventually receive an email that tells them that they’re going to receive an automatic renewal in 23 days or so. This means that the account is expired or suspended. Logon to the account to fix this problem, or use the link at the bottom of the Google Apps email to prevent it from happening.

Google Wallet Automatic Renewal


What does the “Sign into a different account to access Google Admin” error mean?

Those who receive this error are probably logged into their @gmail.com address elsewhere. Logout immediately afterward, in order to ensure that the account can be accessed again.

Sign into Google Wallet Problem


What are Education type accounts?

Some people are allowed to access the Google family of products from the guise of a non-profit agency. Only users from select nations are allowed to have these accounts, so make sure to check the list before signing up.

Education Google Account


What happens if a user can’t logon to their account, but it’s about to expire?

In most cases, automatic renewal should take care of this. However, those who have it turned off can get in touch with a representative from Google at: support.google.com/a/contact/admin_no_access

The representative will then proceed to take care of things manually.

Google Wallet Login Issues


What kinds of mobile devices does the Google Wallet app work with?

The Wallet app is available on all Android devices that run Gingerbread v. 2.3 and higher, as well as all modern iPhones.

Google Wallet App


Is the Google Wallet app available to consumers outside of the United States?

 Unfortunately as of 2014 Google is only offering the app to American consumers.

Google Wallet Card


Could sensitive Google Wallet information be accessed by being in proximity to an NFC-enabled mobile device?

No, as the NFC antenna is only activated when the screen is unlocked. In order to ensure complete security in this respect it is vital that a short PIN lockout time is selected, since this means that even in a specific case where it would be possible to access the NFC system it would still be impossible to access the Wallet account.

Google Wallet Security


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