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Free Best Drupal Themes For Drupal Theme Developers

Guess what? WordPress is not the only content management system out there. Indeed, it may not even be the best one for theme development!

Some of the world’s hottest theme developers are actually Drupal theme developers. These guys and gals are consistently developing killer themes for you and I to use, ensuring that our websites sparkle and catch the eye with stunning originality.

In 2015, there are now almost one million websites that rely on Drupal, while there are a whopping 26,000 Drupal theme developers in existence! Once you’ve taken a look at these, you’ll no doubt be desperate to get onto Drupal and create your own theme.

15 of the Best Drupal Themes from the Best Developers


drupal theme developers

No need in creating Drupal theme because Marinelli is totally free and comes with integrated rotating banners, a three column design and 8 collapsible regions. Sweet.


drupal theme developers

Bluez won’t be giving anyone the blues anytime soon and is a great example of how building a Drupal theme can be super rewarding stuff. Free, it simple, clean and bright. Lovely.

Day and Night

drupal theme developers

Are you a day or a night person? It doesn’t matter because the Drupal theme developers behind Day and Night have got everyone covered with a responsive design that is ideal for bloggers.


drupal theme developers

Hatch is perfect for designers, illustrators, photographers and artists who have all kinds of fine looking things to display in a neat portfolio. Simple but effective, we like this one.

Corporate Clean

drupal create own theme

Small businesses who want a minimalist, clean and responsive theme should take a look at Corporate Clean. Slick and packed with features, it’s also totally free. Get on it.


drupal create own theme

If you want to get on Drupal and create your own theme, you’ll have a lot to live up to if you check out Likeable. This theme is actually loveable, and is ideal for magazines and blogs. Also comes with a great slideshow feature.

Corked Screwer

drupal create own theme

Corked Screwer certainly has a curious name, but this theme is actually one of the most beautiful we have ever seen. Responsive, it works on numerous devices and comes with multicolumn layouts.

Omega Kickstart

drupal create own theme

Omega Kickstart sounds as though it’s ready to do battle, and you’ll definitely be kicking some serious ass if you employ this ecommerce theme for your online shop.


building a drupal theme

Are you a photographer in need for a portfolio to display your work? Look no further than MD-foto, a responsive theme that looks very similar to the tile-based aesthetic used by Windows 8. Snazzy.


building a drupal theme

Business means business. Minimal, elegant and charming, it’s hugely customisable and supports Google fonts. Fantastic for businesses.


building a drupal theme

Is Splendido actually splendid? Well, yes, actually! Free and bursting with feature, it’s a responsive design that works on all devices and which has lovingly been created by Drupal theme developers on HTML and CSS3.


building a drupal theme

Building a Drupal theme is not easy, but the guys behind Selecta got everything right because this is the best theme we have ever seen for video blogs. Got some videos to share? Choose Selecta.


building a drupal theme

Retromania is – you’ve already guess it – for all things retro. A standards-compliant XHTML, it is available on Drupal 6 and 7.

It’s available on 6 because it’s totally retro. Ho-ho.


building a drupal theme

Mistix costs $45 but any freelancer looking for somewhere to display their portfolio online surely won’t argue with the price. It’s perfect!


building a drupal theme

Cooker is ideal for restaurants and bars. A HTML and CSS3 theme, it allows you to integrate with social media and easily implement newsletters that customers can sign up to.

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