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Easy Tutorial on How to Add HTML Shopping Cart to your Site

html shopping cart

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HTML online shopping carts are now integral parts of ecommerce. So when customers put items into the cart all they need to do is click on the “Add to Cart” button. The buttons which are found on ecommerce websites are HTML forms called cartlinks, which provides shopping cart HTML an easy and quick connection setup from the shopping cart program to your webpage.

How to View the Shopping Cart

  • HTML shopping carts can be viewed by clicking a link that will open in a new window. This will give you the chance to view the previous window and the newly opened one; you can go back and forth to see the items in the cart.
  • Another way to view the cart from your current window is to click on the “back” button to go back to a previous page or window you were viewing.

Pages of the Shopping Cart

The pages on a shopping cart can be downloaded to your personal computer by using a zip file. You need to download all the pages and put them in a single directory, so you can view the items on the ecommerce shopping cart properly. A missing page will result in errors. The following are how the shopping cart HTML looks when downloaded:

Or you can download everything in a zip file which will look like this: shopcart.zip

Changing the Pages

Only four pages need to be altered and these are page one, page two and page three that contains the items in the shopping cart; and the review order page (order.html). Altering the order.html page must also be done since it contains a lot of information that needs to be replaced.

A shopping cart HTML is a list devised to allow users to add products into their virtual shopping carts, and also change other related figures.

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