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Easiest Psd to HTML5 Tutorial Conversion Methods

Converting psd to html5 tutorial is a common activity for web designers. But, it is more exciting to know that other automated solutions area available to help the process. A built-in feature for Creative Cloud Photoshop CS6 allows users to convert PSD to HTML5 tutorial. If you need more help, two solutions and extensions are accessible. In this post, three methods will be compared. We will differentiate CSS3Ps, CSSHat and Photoshop.

To test the three methods, a generic UI panel is used. This is consisting of a top bar, text layer and background to transform the name layer into CSS class names and responsive html5.

  • Converting Psd to HTML5 with Photoshop

Using Photoshop is very convenient. With the use of the Photoshop layer panels, select the layer group by going to Layer -> Copy CSS. This command can also be accessed by right clicking your mouse. Using Photoshop requires no panel inspection and no tweaking options. The only command that needs to be done is the Copy CSS. The method provides codes that are useful in converting your PSD into a responsive HTML5.

The result of the process is disappointing. The output is not well stabilized. It also provides dark shadow and gives an off placement type. Generally, Photoshop lessens the processing time of your conversion, but doesn’t provide the quality you will love.

psd to html5 tutorial

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  • Converting Psd to HTML5 with CSS3Ps

The CSS3Ps is a free plugin that existed before the Photoshop built-in functionalities. Install your CSS3Ps in your browser. To select a layer group, access the program by going to: Window>Extensions> CSS3Ps. A logo will pop out in the CSS3Ps panel. You should click that. A webpage will appear that will give you the code.

The CSS3Ps result is much better. This positions the layers perfectly without overlapping them. The result is converted with style. Moreover, the output can be reformatted to SCSS or Sass. This only implies that CSS3Ps provide better functionality and results than the Photoshop default features. You can try to use other technologies and see for instance Ruby programming tutorial.

  • Converting Psd to HTML5 with CSSHat

This is another Photoshop extension. Unlike the CSS3Ps, this is purchased at around $30. To start, choose the layers that need to be converted. On the CSS3Ps menu, you can find the CSSHat panel and open it. You need to do this process in every individual layer because it doesn’t support layer groups. You can insert some tweaks using the CSSHat program. You can also toggle these four options: browser prefixes, comment explanations, layer dimensions and the code which is wrapped after the layer.

Feel free to use our Dreamweaver CS6 tutorial additionally.

As a result, the code is longer. This is because of the gradient that is transformed into a URL data. The output is almost perfect and styled. Overall, it is advisable to use CSS3Ps and CSSHat in converting Photoshop design into web code than the Photoshop built-in plugins. The three methods don’t provide the perfect output, but it actually shows better output and performance. You can personally assess the methods and discover what works for you.

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