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Designing a Killer Mobile App Splash Screen

If you open a mobile application, like the famous Pokemon Go, you’ll have to wait for a few seconds for the game to start. While waiting, you’ll see a photo or logo and a startup progress to inform you that the game is almost ready to launch. The image or logo you see is called the mobile app splash screen.

If you are developing an application for Android or iPhone devices, adding cool splash screens is important as it provides a good user experience. As the first image the users see, using artistic graphics that display your brand information makes sense.

What Is a Splash Screen?

A splash screen appears while a mobile program or game is launching. This graphical control element consists of a logo, an image, or current software version that covers the entire phone screen.

This is normally used by applications to inform their users that the program is loading and usually disappears when the program window has opened.

Since it is made of graphics, animations and sound, splash screens are visually appealing that enhances your program’s look and feel making it more visually appealing.

Creating splash screen is challenging and you have to follow certain criteria to develop a quality and stylish splash designs that offers value to your brand.

To make a killer mobile app splash screen, here are three bets tips to consider.

  1. Right Size

Screen resolution from one mobile phone to another differs. This means that a splash screen of an iPhone is not compatible with your Android device. More likely, your iPhone 6S splash screen will not match the screen requirements in an iPhone 5S.

Since the flash screen is the first image users see in launching your application, creating a clear and crisp image is necessary to generate a best first impression. This is possible if you create splash screens with a different resolution that are compatible with all devices.

To simplify the complexity of making too many screens, creating 3 screens with small, medium, and high resolution is the best way to do.

  1. Simplify

Although splash screen is the first thing people see in opening your app, it is not the key element. The screen usually lasts for only a few seconds so putting too much information is no longer necessary. Users won’t read it, anyway.

Instead, use your logo, brand name, motto, or anything that defines your application. A single image in portrait mode with a clear composition is the best way to design your image.

If you are to make several splash screen sizes, place your composition in the center image. Free the edges from any details to easily crop your splash screen accordingly.

  1. Application Loading

Splash screens are static and it appears that your phone is frozen while you wait for the application to launch. For several seconds, nothing happens. This may irritate users so it is necessary to have a startup progress bar to show the development of the app.

Several things happen in your application once you launched it. It uploads or downloads data to boot your application correctly. And this commonly depends on user’s bandwidth and phone processor.

Display a loading bar or startup progress bar to assure users that your splash screen is progressing.

Several useful applications are available to help you create and design a killer mobile app splash screen. Following the above guidelines, you can create a better splash screen for a website landing page that makes your application better-looking and useful.

Design a killer splash screen that enhances user’s experience. Follow the above tips to design a killer splash screen for mobile phones. Check above guidelines now!

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