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Custom WordPress Development Services

WordPress customization isn’t a one-man job, which is why there are so many people who are ready to help out small time developers these days. Those who might want to try things on their own could have a look at the expert tips that we’ve taken the time to compile here. We’ve done our best to figure out the best way for people to learn how to take charge of their addresses in cyberspace.

Solutions to Development Questions

Individuals who are customizing wordpress blogs might want to consider a few things about their needs. Different machines have different typefaces involved, for instance. That’s something that the experts we asked focused on. They brought up what are sometimes referred to as the “Core Fonts for the Web” when we asked how to customize WordPress pages. Each of these are widely distributed across a number of platforms:

  • Times New Roman is the default in countless programs, and might be overused but it certainly won’t have problems matching on different computers
  • When Verdana came out, it was praised by some as the font of the future; it’s quite clean and professional
  • Many unfortunately forget about Trebuchet MS, which is sad because it reads excellent on screen and has a ton of character
  • Georgia is a rare instance of a serif font that reads excellently even on small screens because of its high X-height
  • Arial is again commonly a default, but it certainly looks clean especially when its viewed on the mobile Web
  • Courier New is excellent for those who need to set out code

Don’t Go it Alone

Those who are ready to get in touch with custom wordpress development services should contact our professional group today. We’re ready to help people who are just starting out equally as people who are ready to get some help with an existing blog. In either case we’re ready to get going on individual needs today.