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Custom Shopping Cart Development

Putting up an online store is one of the most recent innovations in the ecommerce today. There are thousands of part time entrepreneurs who started small with their online stores and discovered that it can be a great source of income. As a result, they opted to give up their fulltime jobs and concentrated on selling online.

Managing an online store can be a fun thing to do. All you need to do is identify the product to sell, set up your capital, find the best shopping cart platform to use and choose a shopping cart design. Shopping cart development can be a challenging task at the start, especially that there are wide selections of platforms to choose from. Each platform has its own unique features that may confuse you. But you should worry no more because this article will help you out.

Lists Of Major Ecommerce Shopping Cart Development For Your Online Business

  • Shopify

shopping cart development

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The name Shopify sounds techy and savvy. It is one of widely used online shopping carts because of it is the only one that offers hundreds of app packages and unlimited merchandises and bandwidth. It also manages and recovers abandoned carts so you are able to translate all purchases into income. It also features classy and professional themes, mobile app for you to manage your store anywhere, and integration with freight services. If you are new in online selling, there are experts who can help you set up your own online store. You can avail these features at $29 monthly or enjoy their limited start up plan at $14/mo.

  • BigCommerce

ecommerce shopping cart development

Image credit: bigcommerce.com

BigCommerce is another custom shopping cart development platform widely used by online business owners. It offers real-time shipping estimates, some gift cards for patron customers and a 24/7 customer care at $29.95/month plan. If you need to recover abandoned cart, you need to upgrade for their more expensive but comprehensive plan. BigCommerce works with small and medium stores.

After reviewing the list, you can go on and try downloading the platform you think is suited for your business needs. You can try any of the aforementioned platforms as they are available online for FREE!

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