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Creating SEO Portfolio Website: Step-By-Step – Show Your SEO Skills Right Away

seo portfolio website bannerYou might think you’re the king of SEO (and you might well be) but nobody is going to believe you unless you’ve been able to put your money where your mouth is.

Clients pay a heap of money the top SEO services, and if you’re telling folk that you’re the person who is going to get their site to the summit of search engines, they’re going to want to see some evidence first.

Step-by-Step SEO Portfolio Website Creating

The best way to showcase your work is by creating your own SEO portfolio website. When prospective clients ask to see examples of your work and success, you can then just link them to your site. Job’s done. Let’s have a look at how to create web portfolio websites for SEO companies.

web portfolio websitesStep #1
Your company’s name and contact information have to go at the top of your website. Along with your name, you will also need to include both your web address and email address so that you’re contactable.

web portfolio websitesStep #2

Add a tagline underneath your contact info that catchily sums up what you do. Your tag-line is just a few words long and has to sell your service. If you’re stuck, research some effective taglines. Think of your favourite movies – they always come with killer taglines.

web portfolio websitesStep #3

You can now come up with a header that reads, “Optimised Search Phrase.” This will be one of the phrases you’ve worked on for a past client. Underneath this, you need to jot down the search that you have optimised.

web portfolio websitesStep #4

Using Google only (because Google is basically king when it comes to search engines), you should enter the number of websites that sprang up when you typed in the above phrase. If the phrase returned 34,900,000 results, enter that number.

seo portfolio website

web portfolio websitesStep #5

Enter your page rank for that search phrase. Remember, this is still Google only. If you’re number four on page two, put that down. If you’re number one on page one, perfect! That’s where we all want to be.

web portfolio websitesStep #6

Your website address all appear in the search engine, and you need to now include that. Your home page address is one thing, but your SEO page address might be a little different. With each web address you include, add a screenshot with it to prove your results are correct.

web portfolio websitesStep #7

Do this with all the websites you have worked on in the past. But always bear in mind that you’re creating an SEO portfolio website, and all web portfolio websites only stick up their best work. So if you’ve got an SEO page languishing on page 13 of Google, omit it. It will only make you look bad.

web portfolio websitesStep #8

Once you’ve collected all your past work, enter a full clients list of all the people you’ve worked for in the past. This will really boost your SEO portfolio website by ably demonstrating the amount of satisfied clients you’ve worked with.

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Build web portfolio websites with the help of our tips!

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