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Creating Professional Business Portfolio Presentation

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Using a Business Portfolio Presentation

A business portfolio presentation depends in large part on what the objective is. Every business portfolio is a presentation of your business but as referred to here it is a presentation with a specific objective such as obtaining a particular contract from a customer, as opposed to presenting an overview of your company’s services as you would with an online business portfolio. Whoever is responsible for your companies business portfolios should:

  • Assess the new objective as well as how the existing business portfolios meet the objective
  • Determine the best business portfolio presentation to meet the new objective
  • Take the necessary steps to either adapt your existing business portfolio so it meets your needs or develop a completely new one

In many cases if you have a good existing business portfolio it can be as easy as selecting which elements of the existing portfolio you want to use, adding some content specifically targeting the objective and choosing the best format for your presentation. A business portfolio presentation will often be in a format such as Power Point or in a traditionally bound style.

Creating a Business Portfolio Presentation

The first step in creating a business portfolio presentation is determining your objective. You should have a specific goal/goals so you can focus on the best way to meet them. Part of business portfolio management is knowing what parts of your portfolio to show and when. The business portfolio presentation you put together aimed at a specific contract should:

  • Only include relevant information: Any services or previous works that don’t apply to the specific job should be left out even if it is something you are particularly proud of. It will only distract from your objective.
  • Only include your best previous work: You want to show the superiority of your service/product. Volume won’t impress near as much as quality.
  • Include pictures: Especially in a business that has visual results, pictures are a great tool. If possible professionally taken photographs are worth the investment. Good before and after pictures of projects you have done can have plenty of impact.
  • Avoid overkill: Don’t include too much material and keep it simple. Include just enough to answer the questions that need answering and create the impression you want

If you aren’t familiar with business portfolios you may want to use a service like the one we provide.

Our Business Portfolio Service

Our company has put together a team of some of the best professional business portfolio people in the industry. They have extensive experience and are more than qualified to handle every aspect of putting together the business portfolio that will most effectively serve your needs. Benefits of using our service include:

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Whether you want to update an existing business portfolio or are starting from scratch, contact us for superior business portfolios created by experienced professionals!

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