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Creating Appealing Website Design Company Portfolio

web designing company portfolio

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Creating a Website Design Company Portfolio

For a website design company, an online design company portfolio is an essential marketing tool. Because of the type of business it is, not only is the content of the portfolio important, the design of the portfolio is critical. If your own website portfolio isn’t appealing, potential customers are unlikely to even look at samples you have. How can you provide good website design services to a customer when your own site is poorly designed? When creating a website design company portfolio keep the following in mind:

  • Portfolio navigation: Make your portfolio easy to navigate. Keep it simple and easy to use so that anybody can quickly navigate their way around without any confusion. Avoid any type of elaborate set up.
  • Group your work into categories: Place your work samples into categories to make it easier for users to find the types of samples that they want to see without wasting any time sorting through other samples they aren’t interested in.
  • Be unique: A good way to stand out from the crowd is to have a unique web designing company portfolio. A portfolio that is unique and attractive will definitely appeal to those looking for website design services.

What to Include in Your Website Design Company Portfolio

website-design-company-portfolioThe content of your website design portfolio should all be aimed at attracting new customers and creating the right impression. Some of the most important content includes:

  • Samples of your work: Obviously this is very important. You shouldn’t just put everything you have done on display. Use only the best from among the samples of previous work and try to include a selection of samples that cover a number of different dates that will reflect the years of experience you have. If you do work for more than one type of industry your samples should also reflect those industries covered.
  • An “About” page: People like to know a little about who they will be dealing with. Include some company background, services provided, different clients and some client testimonials.
  • Contact information: Make it easy for customers to contact you. Contact information should be easy to find and include as many methods of contact as possible including phone number, email address and any other way. It wouldn’t hurt to have a separate contact page and to include contact information at the bottom of every page of your site.

Creating an effective website design company portfolio isn’t easy and involves more than just good design. Our business portfolio service specializes in developing business portfolios that get results.

Website Design Company Portfolio Example


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