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Creating a Magazine on Flipboard. Best Flipboard Layout

Flipboard works in creating exceptional online personal magazines. These magazines are created to suit your preference and qualify the social networks articles you are posting. Magazine layout shares stories to readers and impacts them through reading your social networks articles. Creating a magazine with Flipboard is very convenient. Moreover, layout are produced with excellent and enticing designs.

The Flipbaord Pages was introduced in the year 2012. This allows web page articles converted to iPad’s magazine pages. But another platform called Duplo is presented that helps in creating a magazine with Flipboard.

  • Duplo Overview

The Duplo came from the Pages idea. It is a fresh layout engine that utilizes a grid system and modular block. This enables the content to fit in any page sizes. Duplo has about 2000 to 6000 candidate layouts that fits your content size.

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Image credit: ar-ar.about.flipboard.com

  • Duplo Implementation

Duplo runs in the web browser. It is based on a JavaScript engine that allows portability, rapid progress and first-class functions. With this, the Retina devices are compatible with scales and footprint light. Furthermore, Duplo can be executed with these 4 main steps: creating, selecting, refining and displaying layout.

  • Creating the Layout

Depending on the designer’s guidelines, Duplo’s layout is assembled to smaller to larger pieces of layout. When searching for the best match for your content, Duplo creates hand-made-full-page layout together with the layouts assembly.

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  • Choosing the Layout and Content Application

Given your content, Duplo will determine which of the 2000 + layout will match your style. Duplo matches and compare the layout content to the content structure. Using the slots, Duplo calculates the layout that best pairs your content. Heuristics are also considered to identify the functions that fits the layout. These heuristics are the page flow, amount of text, content coherence, and image feature ration, detection, crop and scale. These help in maximizing magazine layouts.

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Image credit: digitaltrends.com

  • Refining the Layout

Duplo refines the chosen layout. Duplo positions, fit and style the frames to the target image. The frames and the baseline grid are aligned. The frames are compatible with the image. These frames are designed with exceptional attributes that are stretched to the webpage boundaries.

  • Displaying the Layout

Once we reach this stage, it implies that the layout was already refined and styled and the HTML DOM was already rendered. The dynamic data has been fetched and the images re well loaded and cropped. The texts were well-matched to the layout frames. This is made possible through using a type scale that re-size the headline depending on the designers preference.

Using the Duplo, you can now create a perfect Flipboard magazine layout. This also helps with your story framing and affects the readers through a creative approach. The elements automated the process while catching the art and the essence of human artistry.

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