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Creating a Business Portfolio for Your Company Needs

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Essentials to Include When Creating a Business Portfolio

Business portfolios are becoming an increasingly popular method of promoting companies in many different industries and a necessity in some if you want to be competitive. This benefits smaller operations as technology has made it possible for them to produce portfolios that are on a par with much larger companies. Whether your business consists of just you, or you have several hundred employees, there are some essential elements that must be included when creating a business portfolio. These include:

  • A clear goal/objective: Although technically it isn’t part of the portfolio, it is essential that you know exactly what the purpose of your website design company portfolio is or it will not be effective. This will include knowing who your target audience is and how you want them to respond.
  • Products/services you provide: Obviously varies from industry to industry. If your business is in a field that produces visual results provide pictures, preferably professionally taken. If you are in a field where this isn’t possible maybe graphics showing why a potential customer should choose you over a competitor.
  • An “About” page: It might include such things as the company background, services provided, clients if appropriate, and industry awards.
  • Contact information: Include as many ways as possible to contact your business including email, phone number, fax or any other method. Make sure contact information is clear and easily located.

Making Your Business Portfolio More Effective

The following are some general suggestions to consider when creating a business portfolio that will make it more effective:

  • Have several portfolios for different purposes. If you design your original business portfolio with this in mind, it is relatively simple to select the portions that are relevant and reformat. For example if there is a large contract you are trying to get, include just the elements of your portfolio that are relevant and bind them in a traditional format. Leather business portfolios for those viewing your presentation can be a nice touch.
  • Keep it simple. A major failing of many business portfolios is over complicating things. In most cases simple is better.
  • Make it user friendly. Online business portfolios should be easy for anybody to view without any confusion.
  • If possible include testimonials from previous clients, especially those who are easily recognizable.

An effective business portfolio is a valuable asset to your business. To get the most out of your business portfolio consider using our business portfolio service.

High Quality Business Portfolios Created by Experts

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