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Cool Mobile Landing Page Examples

cool mobile landing page examplesThe mobile industry is a skyrocketing business that involves everyone who wants to stay connected. Mobile landing page has a huge role in making communication and information sharing convenient and possible for mobile device users. As web pages become available even on mobile devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and other portable gadgets, there is a need to create bootstrap landing page example that will make online business easy and convenient.

Best Samples

Without further contest, everyone would agree that Apple is one of the best mobile landing page examples available today. What makes Apple earn this place? First, Apple uses the mobile landing page template. It’s plain and simple – just like its brand. But plainness and simplicity do not minimize the function it delivers. When you get to browse Apple.com, you will see that everything you need to know is placed in accordingly. There are no drastic colors to distract you from your actual purpose.

Maybe the next best mobile landing page example is the Pinterest. The plain and simple layout with only red as color of the tab ‘Pin it’, you would feel its simplicity does not compromise the content it offers.

The lineup of tabs for each board is specifically placed. Although there are millions of Pinners (users) around the globe who can pin as long as they want, the organization and relativity of items are still in place. It allows pinners to go over boards without getting lost along the way.

Building Your Own Page from Mobile Landing Page Examples

If you are planning to take your marketing into a wider mobile market, you must know which mobile landing page template is right for you. You must identify your target mobile users, what they need to see on your page, what they need in return and how would you be able to deliver it.

If your goal is to attract more subscriptions as possible, create a mobile page with sign up tabs or subscription tabs. Also, make sure that you know what to offer to your subscribers. It is also important that you create a line of communication to reach your target users. Lastly, make your mobile landing page clear, simple but interactive and substantial.

Use these mobile landing page examples for your own mobile website!

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