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Constructing Really Good Design Company Portfolio

graphic design company portfolio

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Things to Consider Before Building Your Design Company Portfolio

Design company portfolios may be developed for a number of reasons but in general they are used to help attract new customers by showcasing work you have done in the past. Before you start to work on your design company portfolio there are some things you should consider first:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Is there a specific field or industry you are focused on?
  • Is there a specific type of design work you are focused on?

These are things you need to determine in order to make your design portfolio as effective as possible. The work you include and the style and approach you use will depend on it.

What to Include in Your Design Company Portfolio

There are different types and formats that might be used for a graphic design company portfolio. What is covered here will be for an online portfolio. These days an online presence is essential, especially in a field such as design. Your design company portfolio should contain the following:

  • Company information: Information may include things like: company background, services provided, clients worked with
  • Customer testimonials: These are a good way to show examples of satisfied customers
  • Contact information: Provide multiple ways for people to reach you, including by email, phone or through a web form. Make sure contact information is easy to locate.

Also don’t forget selection of design work you have done. When you choose what to include keep in mind:

  • Quality: Choose only your best work if you have a big enough selection.
  • Dates: Show recent work but include work from a number of dates that will give an indication how long you have been in business.
  • Industry: Select work completed in the industry you are targeting. If more than one industry consider making sections for each industry.
  • Type: Select work that represents the different type of projects you have completed. Don’t include any type of design you aren’t offering as a service.
  • Order: Consider which of your work to display first. Many people won’t spend much time looking so start with the work you most want to be seen.

Design Company Portfolio Features

The following are some features to give some extra attention to in your design company portfolio.

  • Your companies design work examples need to stand out in the portfolio. If the portfolio site design overpowers the work on display then you’re not likely to meet your site goals. When in doubt, go for simplicity.
  • Provide case studies.
  • Take advantage of the visual potential of an online portfolio. Too often portfolios show scaled down versions of visuals. Show the pixels at full scale or even magnified.

A design company portfolio is essential for any business in the industry today. If you feel like you may not be making the most effective use of your portfolio, our company offers a business portfolio presentation service made up of top professionals in the industry!

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