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Comparison of Programs to Convert SWF to HTML5

With the existence of Flash to HTML 5 conversion tools, there are several speculations arising about the Flash future stature. We compare Google’s Swiffy and Wallaby to clarify the issues. This discusses their abilities to turn Flash contents to HTML5. The HTML 5 is known to replace Flash. And both Google and Adobe have just launched tools to automatically convert Flash to HTML5.

Google introduced a new conversion tool that can convert swf to html5. Flash files on Apple, iPhone and iPhone are supported by this tool, whereas, previously not compatible with these phones. This tool is called Swiffy. A Google intern invented this tool. Now, he is part of the mobile advertising team and a certified Googler. Going back, before the Swiffy was invented; there is another tool that helps to convert swf to html5 online. This is known as the Wallaby.

This post will discuss the similarities and differences of these two tools. Most especially, their impact in converting files. But here you can learn about creating HTML5 game tutorial.

  • What Is Swiffy?

Produced by Google, Swiffy does not automatically convert .swf files. Instead, it converts files that are uploaded in a certain site. When the .swf file conversion is done, am HTML 5 code will be provided. You can easily save and add it to your site utilizing the <iframe> tag. The converted file and the given code are larger compared to the original files. It is 10% bigger and more compressed.

To convert swf to html5, a modem browser should be used like Safari and Google. These browser platforms have high SVG support that helps in a successful conversion of files. Converting .swf to html, two step process is required. Generate the Swiffy compiler’s Jason File which is the first step. Using HTML, CSS and SVG, you can render the loaded file.

convert swf to html5

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  • What Is Wallaby?

One of the programs to convert swf toHTML5 online is the Wallaby. This is created by Adobe. Compared to Swiffy that is web-based, Wallaby is Flash o HTML5 Adobe platform converter. You can convert files without the use of Google or other web- browsers. Just download and install it on your system. This is released on 2011 with the purpose of converting Flash projects to HTML5. This allows to convert Flex files into a browser display format, even without using a Flash player plug-in.

All the Wallaby’s output can be re-used and edited compared to the Swiffy which cannot be edited easily since it has a compact converted output. In terms of quality, Swiffy provide much better conversion than the Wallaby. This software also helps in converting .fla files. Aside from JavaScript files, Wallaby also supports CSS3 or the Cascading Style Sheet. When the Wallaby cannot convert a file to HTML5, a warning will pop out. Movies, ActionScript and sounds are cannot be converted by this software.

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Wallaby and Swiffy has both advantages and disadvantages in converting .swf to HTML5 files. These programs work perfectly depending on your needs so before converting, it is advisable to study the features of each program.

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