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Choosing Theme For Your Blog – What Are The Top WordPress Themes For Bloggers?

When bloggers want to publish their own blog, most of them turn to WordPress. Stylish, customisable and super easy to user, WordPress is the go-to open source content management software for newbies and pro’s alike. Home to top WordPress themes, WP is the tool to get you started on the Internet.

Choosing the best premium WordPress theme that is right for your website is really important. The right theme appeals to the right audience, and it gives you website character, flavour and can make it memorable in the eyes of the reader who wants to keep on visiting.

But what you should also take into consideration when create themes WordPress is how well it will help your website to rank on search engines. So while free WordPress themes are okay, they won’t empower you and your website as much as WordPress themes that are premium. When you buy WordPress theme, it can be modified so that your website looks as attractive and unique as you want it.

Top WordPress Themes

The Voux

top wordpress themes

The Voux is a super responsive clean blog theme for WP. All pages can be customised to your liking, while the Visual Composer is user-friendly. You can also easily integrate your social networking plugins with The Voux; Facebook and twitter can easily be hooked up to your website, while your theme is accessible on all devices.


top wordpress themes

Share is one of the best premium WordPress themes around. It offers a whole host of minimalist designs which are tailored to suit writers, philosophers, artists, or any other kind of blogger who is associated with the arts and humanities. The theme is totally responsive and looks great on any device. Share uses responsive optimisation technology which ensures that your website loads fast on whichever device the user is accessing it with.


best premium wordpress themes

As you may have already guessed, Foodica is aimed at foodies! Whether you own a restaurant, a catering company, or whether you’re a food critic, Foodica is a WordPress theme premium that is guaranteed to satisfy. Responsive, multi-purpose and engaging, Foodica is also simple and intuitive.


wordpress theme premium

For anyone who is looking to publish their own blog, MyBlog may well be one of the top WordPress themes for you. It comes with a pair of distinctive layouts for your home page, as well as lots of sidebar, post areas, footer widgets and more. And if you get it right, the Related Posts section can boost your traffic 100% so that you have more visitors than ever before.


wordpress theme premium

For the best premium WordPress themes, look no further than GraceUnderPressure, a 100% responsive theme that offers a superior browsing experience for all your readers. It is so slick and sophisticated that your website will look amazing on any device – even Smartphones. This is ideal for anyone who is trying to reach a larger audience by tapping into the mobile market. Each blog customisation is easy to achieve and doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge. Yay!

If that sounds complicated to you, you can easily use our theme development services.

If you need  WordPress theme premium customization, feel free to get in touch!

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