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Cheap Shopping Cart Website

cheap shopping cart

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Online business building requires that you must at least have a cheap shopping cart that is included in your website. Some cheap shopping cart website that you can use are provided below. If you want to choose the best shopping cart, then continue reading.


  • PayPal is one of the most trusted medium of payment available on the internet today. It does not require any monthly or set-up fees. The application form comes with your PayPal account, which also generates needed forms for your business. This is the best cheap shopping cart website for starting businesses online.


  • 2Checkout is an alternative merchant solution, and like PayPal has a complete shopping cart feature. When you are logged into your account you can create cart forms. 2Checkout does not require any set up or monthly fees.

Steps to Build a Merchant Site

  1. Choose your Domain Name – domain names are necessary so your website can be located. Domain names must include keywords that are related to your products and services. It must also have keywords that can pinpoint your geographical location to potential customers.
  2. Select Web Hosting – hosting is a place on the internet where websites are uploaded. 2Checkout and PayPal which are cheap shopping cart website can be used with any existing kind of hosting.
  3. Making the Webpages – numerous programs are available to make websites. While most software include templates, not a single one includes payment processors for online shopping carts. Often you will spend time in setting up the merchant code including the HTML CSS styles that will correctly complement your website and incorporate view cart and order buttons.
  4. Creating the Merchant Site – PayPal merchant accounts must be integrated in your website so you can make forms, setup the necessary tax rates and shipping fees. Options are given to customize the color, size and other features of your form.
  5. Features and Options – Allwebco website offers a wide range of features to complete a website, which can be done by either a webmaster or a novice.

Be sure to link your website to various search engines online and see if everything, including your cheap shopping cart feature, is working fine on different computers and devices.

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