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BuddyPress Theming – What’s So Special About BuddyPress Themes?

buddypress theming

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BuddyPress is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, and for good reason; BuddyPress is so powerful that it can transform into a fully operational social network platform. That’s why Buddypress theme development is a nice option for you!


Once installed, members of your website can interact with each other in an online world that is fully functional and easy to navigate.

But to really get the most out of your BuddyPress themes, and to really enhance your members’ experience, you really could do with getting clued-up on BuddyPress theming. So let’s take a look!

BuddyPress Theme Features

BuddyPress has been described as “a la carte”, which basically means that you get to decide which features you want on your website and which ones you don’t. Here are the best features:

  • Activity Stream – all kinds of streams with threaded commenting
  • Extended Profiles – custom user profiles
  • Private Messaging – allows for private chats between users
  • Friend Connections – users can become friends and track each others’ activities
  • Groups – public, private and even hidden groups for members
  • Notifications – notifications for friends, groups and network activities

Benefits of BuddyPress Theming

With the BuddyPress plugin, any type of school, company, team or small business can create their own social network tool. Installation is easy and totally free.

With BuddyPress themes, you can customise your blogs, forums, create activity streams and allow users to actively make brand new friends online.

Free and totally customisable, it also doubles up as a content management system, which gives you the chance to upload fresh content to your website whenever you want.

You have a wide choice of BuddyPress themes, too; some are free, while some are premium (paid). Moreover, you can also ask a company like ours at Theme Development to customise a BuddyPress theme just for you!!

Why Do I Need A Customised BuddyPress Theme?

Although free BuddyPress themes are ace because they’re free, the big problem is that you’ll be sharing the same theme with thousands of other users. Sadly, your website won’t look 100% original.

Premium BuddyPress theming gives you a better chance to be more unique, but nothing screams individuality and brand consistency than a fully customised BuddyPress theme or you can always use best Moodle themes.

A fully customised theme is one that is created entirely for you and your website. 100% unique, there will quite literally be no other website that looks like yours. This ensures that you stand out from the crowd, and that users can identify with your brand.

To find out more about the kind of customized Buddypress themes we at Theme Development could work on for you, why not get in touch with us today for a chat?

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