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Best WordPress Themes for SEO

best wordpress themes for seoAs a blogger and Writer, you have two main purposes and goals, making quality articles and gaining organic traffic and unique visitors as much as possible for your server and website. Besides that, you should be very careful when you are going to choose a WP theme for your website. Although WP was designed to be SEO friendly, you should consider few themes which are created as they are optimized to rank better on many search engines. If you are looking for a best minimalist WP theme which is SEO friendly and well optimized, you are at the right place. We are listing SEO optimized WP themes, so please check them carefully and choose one of them that best suits you and your blog or website.

1. Schema WP theme

This theme was released 2-3 months ago, because of high demand for the new and modern WP theme. This theme is optimized well.


  • Highly accepted by the users of WordPress due to many beautiful features.

  • Quick in loading and SEO friendly.

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2. TruePixel WP theme

The story of Scott Delong’s inspirational has been visited several times over. His story was amazing as he has written how his simple WP theme was hacked by the hackers. His blog ViraNova drives up to 90 million hits a month and let me know, have you any idea? Which theme he has used before choosing a custom design? I would like to give you full points if you are going to say that, the theme was TruePixel.


  • Totally responsive

  • Works on all kinds of devices

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3. Eleven 40 Pro WP theme

Eleven 40 Pro WP theme

This great theme is designed by StudioPress. Evlene 40 combined esthetics and functions for a good SEO optimization.

Some Features

  • Since it is totally responsive, that means you can attract your visitors to your blog irrespective of the items and devices they have.

  • Based on the HTML5, so it makes it simple to use and it comes with advance Search engine optimization techniques to get good ranking on major search engines.

  • More than three color styles, excellent featured images and some footer widgets.

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4. Codeus WP theme

Codeus WP theme

Codeus is another Premium and multipurpose WP theme. This theme boasts of easy yet professional look and design which features nice and good looking typography. If you are looking to set up a business website, you should definitely need to try this theme.


  • SEO optimized for Yahoo, Google and Bing as well as other big search engines.

  • Possibility of setting up a company profile and service or product showcase.

  • Appealing galleries and slide shows.

  • Possiblity of adding a page for interactive diagrams and testimonials.

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5. Codilight WP theme

Codilight WordPress Theme

The Codilight WordPress Theme is best SEO optimized WordPress theme for product ratings, product reviews, gadget reviews, and magazine blog. You will enjoy unlimited customization with this WordPress theme.


  • Simple, powerful and easy to handle.

  • Comes with several beautiful features and other facilities.

  • Totally responsive and thus it can be visited comfortably on any device or tablet.

  • Supports a lot of fonts in many varieties, so you can choose one of them easily.

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6. Parallax Pro WP theme

Parallax Pro WP theme

Parallax is another powerful and responsive WP theme. This theme is created by Genesis framework. Basically, this theme was created for stories, as it has simple and easy vertical design. .Its design allows you to write articles in an appealing and narrative manner.


  • Divide your articles and content into clean sections to give good visitor experience.

  • Show your articles as a story, so visitors will able to read them without having a need to pause their proceeding to your attention to take any action.

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7. Material WP theme

Material WP theme

This new theme is clean, professional and made for news blogs and websites. You should choose this if you own a lot of articles and news to show at any provided time. With this theme, you are free to kick out via window, any troubles that your blog may appear messy and cramped.


  • Good looking across many devices from smartphones and mobile phones.

  • The semantic code and validity is liked by search engines, so both of them are taken care of, so you are free to sit back and watch the ranking score.

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8. Immunity WP theme

This theme is an excellent and multipurpose WordPress theme which is made by MyThemShop Company. This company has both blog and magazine layouts. This theme also includes a lot of excellent features such as different articles formats. eCommerce integration and beautiful custom widgets. Since it has eCommerce integration, you can easily make money through your blog.


  • Since this Immunity theme is responsive, so your site can be looked and visited nicely on any kind of device.

  • Put your AdSense code if you are looking to run a website with AdSense earning.

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9. Avada WP theme

This perfect WP theme is being used by more than 85,000 writers, so there is no way for anybody to avoid Avada theme. Can work for you to approve itself to be one and only theme that you need.


  • Created on SEO friendly code

  • Easy to handle dashboard and has an elegant design as well as other important features, that will never let down the user.

  • Unlimited possibilities have been offered by Avada to rank high in main search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

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10. Spike

Spike Theme

This theme is a colorful and bright WordPress theme which is packed with short codes and widgets, sleek post slider, and the most outstanding optimization abilities. Fully coded and responsive, Spike embraced latest CSS3 and HTML5 techniques.


  • Variety of colors

  • CSS3 and HTML5 ready

  • In-built Rating System

  • 100% responsive

  • 9 homepage layouts

  • 630+ Google We fonts

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