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Best WordPress Themes 2016

best wordpress themes 2016

WordPress is the most famous content management system in the world; in fact, 74,652,825 are created out of it, meaning one website per person in Turkey. Right now, it accounts for about 18.9% of all websites globally, according to Manage WP in an article on February 7, 2014. If you’re looking to create with it, what are the best themes to use for 2016? Check out the following best professional WordPress themes.

1. Vellum

wordpress themes 2016 Vellum

Do you want a highly customizable theme that will deliver your expectations and give your users the best possible experience for browsing or using your website? This is the best WP theme in 2016 for you. It has cool features and easy to use functions that do not require any coding language and knowledge to apply. If you are looking to create a great personal or business website, then this one may be the perfect choice for you. This is one of the best WP themes to check out this year!

2. 15Zine HD Magazine NewsPaper

wordpress themes 2016 15Zine HD

It is one of those that capture the attention of many publishers in the world and it is a famous theme for newspaper or news-based websites. The design is creative and engaging, too. It is considered one of the best magazine and newspaper themes in the world, on which you can customize your pages, include your own designs and add amazing elements you need. This is a great style for websites looking to target the modern and stylish audience for their magazines.

3. The 7

wordpress themes 2016 The 7

This WP theme in 2016 is one of the finest to have if you are looking for a website that your users will love. It is ideal for either small or large websites, no matter the kind you are looking to develop. It has great functions and features, which do not require coding language to install and apply. It is responsive and optimized for search engines, so it is one of the most favorites among web developers and internet marketers, too.

4. Inovado

wordpress themes 2016 Inovado

It features different functions and design elements that are ready to take your WordPress site to the next level. It is one of the best themes for 2016 that can cater to a wide range of users and provide them the best experience as possible on your site. You can depend on this fresh and exceptional theme to work for your site, no matte it is a blog, an online store or a portfolio for your services. You can check it out and see its amazing functions and features to suit your needs today.

5. Nexus

wordpress themes 2016 nexus

Are you looking for an exciting theme for your WordPress site? Then, do not miss out this top-seller theme in 2016. It is one of the most functional and feature-loaded themes to count on for any of your upcoming web projects. You can easily customize this theme without any hassles because there are many stylish options and styles to choose from, and it comes with buttons and widgets to cater to your needs.

6. Dante

wordpress themes 2016 dante

This WordPress is developed by Themeforest and it is one of those with numerous great feedbacks from users themselves. It is loaded with amazing features and design elements that will keep you excited and happy of the outcomes. It comes with widgets and web fonts to choose from and make your site amazingly appealing! It has intelligent functions to improve your website design, too.

7. Oshine

wordpress themes 2016 oshine

This is a very stylish, modern website that you will love! It is a multi-purpose theme to use for either personal or business sites, big or small. It comes with amazing features and design elements, which do not require any coding knowledge. The customizable features are very easy to deal with, and you can mix and match elements until you get your perfect match. It is a clean and modern WordPress theme that can help you come with a lovely website to demonstrate your visitors, while not compromising their experience on your site.

8. Avada

wordpress themes 2016 avada

Clean and crisp design and style—these are what the AVADA theme appeals for many. With it, you can customize your site in any way that you want until you have come up with the perfect appearance and style of your website. This WP theme lets you make an amazing website within hours, even if you don’t have any coding knowledge, and allows you to build any type of website without any hassles, too, with its amazing features.

9. Ronneby

wordpress themes 2016 Ronneby

Start building your website today with this WP theme in 2016 that will surely amaze you and your users! It has virtually unlimited options and tools to use to design and make your website a standout online. This is ideal for both creative and corporate projects and it has every element you need to build your site in a matter of hours or in the next couple of days.

10. Shopkeeper

wordpress themes 2016 Shopkeeper

It is a responsive theme to depend on and to start your web presence with. It has amazing design options and elements to choose from so that you can customize your website without any hassles. This is a clean and easy to use design, but it has all the important features you need in creating the best WP site in the world. If you want an ecommerce site built professionally, then this one may also be considered.

There you have your list of the best 2016 WordPress themes that you can count on and use for building your next website this year! They are all functional and feature-rich and they can be used for personal, business or ecommerce websites. Start building your site with this list of WP themes in 2016 today!

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