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Best WordPress Hosting Service

Recent users might not exactly be familiar with what’s out there when it comes to the world of wordpress website services, in part because of the fact that web hosting isn’t merely tied to the world of blog posting. Once someone registers a domain it can be used by just about anyone regardless of what they might be looking to upload, so the issue of selecting the finest hosting service goes far beyond what a wordpress site might be considering.

Getting a Domain

People registering domain names have recently tried to get unique ones. Using a domain for something it wasn’t originally intended for can customize where a blog is hosted. This is also a great way to get a name that’s been registered at the usual .com or .net registries. The list of domain names that wordpress support services are using creatively these days include:

  • .dj, which is actually registered to Djibouti but commonly used by disc jockeys
  • .tv, which is actually Tuvalu but commonly used to mean television
  • .fm, which is used for FM radio stations despite being registered to the Federated States of Micronesia
  • .am, which is also popular with online radio stations despite being an Armenian domain
  • .cd, which is supposed to be for the DRC but became popular with software WordPress blogs because it looks like compact disc
  • .mu, which is hugely popular with music bloggers though it’s actually for Mauritius

Pricing and Domains

One of the biggest things to consider when it comes time to selecting the best wordpress web service is the pricing. While it’s best to avoid fly-by-night companies, it really is good to find a place that offers a deal. Server space rental costs are a huge chunk of what it takes to keep a site on the Internet; so investing some time into finding an excellent price is a fine idea.