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Best WordPress Customization Services

Doing wordpress customization at first is quite easy. Once the platform has been installed on one’s server it’s a good idea to look through every single checkmark in order to ensure that no stone remains unturned, so to speak. That’s a good way to increase security as well, since some addons and the like might want to phone home, which means that they might want to send usage data to a remote server. Webmasters might want to switch these features off.

Later Custom Steps

What often comes next is setting up the XML feed, which fortunately wordpress can do quite efficiently out of the box. Syndication feeds based on the RSS and Atom algorithm are always good because they can be used by people to stay in touch with a blog without necessarily signing up for one. Unfortunately few Webmasters are actually familiar with how to follow their own to make sure it works. Those using Mozilla-based browser technology for instance might want to navigate to their own WordPress site and then:

1) Drop down the Bookmarks menu.

2) Select subscribe to this page.

3) Allow the browser to load the XML page.

4) Select “subscribe to this feed using Live Bookmarks.”

5) Make sure that the “Always use Live Bookmarks to subscribe to feeds” section is unchecked if desired.

6) Hit the Subscribe Now button.

7) Open up the Bookmarks menu again, and select Live Bookmarks.

8) The list of links will automatically update each time something new gets posted.

Other Custom Options

Those who are currently working with wordpress maintenance services will probably be mostly familiar with the typesetting and color settings, and professional consultants can provide excellent ideas when it comes to these. Getting in touch with them is always a smart idea. Those who really care about readability are often the first in line when it comes to working with the pros. Going overboard here might make things too hard to read.