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Best Websites with Background Designs

Using moving website background designs to create the impression you want

A method that is great for grabbing your website visitor’s attention and making a memorable impression is to have moving website background images. That is using video for your video background website. Background videos will undoubtedly get attention and make an impression with visitors but you want it to be the right kind of attention and impression. Preferably your background video conveys a message to the viewer about your products, business or something else you feel it is important they know that results in them taking the action you want. It should also leave viewers with a favorable impression. Moving background images for websites when poorly done will bring the sort of attention you don’t want and you definitely don’t want a visitor to leave your site with the impression your website sucks. To avoid that happening you need to make sure any background videos you use contain the right elements.

Desirable elements in moving background designs

Before using moving background designs on your website, it is important to make sure it contain the right elements. Background videos should have the following elements:

  • Good quality: Make sure you use high quality video backgrounds. Blurry video or video that is too dark or too light or has some other problem will most likely annoy your visitors. If they are too annoyed they may leave and not come back. Take the time to locate high quality video. There are plenty of places to get background video online that is of excellent quality and quite a few that are very inexpensive or even free. If it is within your budget, the best choice is having a custom video made for you.
  • Evoke strong feelings: The background video should generate some kind of emotion in the viewer. You will determine what that emotion is based on the message you want to convey. A video that doesn’t call forth some sort of emotion isn’t doing its job. Ideally it will generate feelings that match your message.
  • Browser compatible: No video format works on all browsers. This means using more than one format. You should also have a static image to fall back on which is better than an error message. If you can’t make the video viewable in the majority of users browsers then you probably shouldn’t use it.
  • Keep it relatively brief: The video should be somewhere in the 15 to 30 second range. Any longer and you may lose the initial emotional impact. You want to get your message across quickly. If you have much more to say, a well done video background will induce visitors to stay on your site.
  • Reasonable loading time: Reasonable in this case means fairly fast. Most people won’t wait longer than a few seconds for a site to load. This is another good reason that justifies using a short video. It should also be compressed properly. If using a video background designs greatly increases loading time, you may want to pass
  • Mute the sound: In most cases automatic sound is going to aggravate viewers. It is annoying to be unexpectedly blasted and plenty of people will be scrambling to close the page if it happens. Include a button to un-mute sound or use a video that conveys the message without sound.

Websites with great background designs

The following list contains websites with great video background designs:

  1. Fabrica

background designs

The website for this communications research center makes unique use of a full screen background video. Moving the cursor shows links that pop up in transparent boxes while the video keeps playing underneath. Text disappears when you stop moving the cursor.

  1. Yodabaz

background designs

  1. Digital Kitchen

background designs

  1. Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills

background images for websites

This website uses a fast loading background video of places along Rodeo Drive.

  1. Blu Homes

background images for websites

  1. Purple, Rock, Scissors

website background images

  1. Speedo USA: Fueled by Water

website background images

The video background of waves and water is beautiful and suits Speedo’s explore page.

  1. Cultivated Wit

website background images

  1. Chattanooga Renaissance Fund

background videos

  1. Jurassic World

background videos

The website for Jurassic World shows a background video of the park tht looks just like the movie.

That’s ten websites with great background designs using video.

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