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Best Travel WordPress Themes

best travel wordpress themesTravelling is one of the leisure activities most people engaged in. The demand on travels and trips increases which makes travel agencies and businesses opt to expand their horizons to the online platform. The World Wide Web is a vast space. Through creating a travel site, agencies can reach more people and increase their revenues. We listed the best travel and church wordpress themes that will meet your needs and help you on your business endeavours.

1. Cousteau


Designed for travel agencies, the Cousteau wordpress theme was made accessible for more people because of its responsiveness. They can visit your site through mobile phones while experiencing efficiency and fast loading. The Cousteau free travel wordpress theme offers clear and crisp images and styles because of its retina ready features. For a more specific travel packages, include the travel pricing, itineraries, maps, videos, and categorization. You can work on more options like custom filtering system, plenty standards, and customization options that improves your site appearances and outlook.

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2. Magellan


The bold and modern design of Magellan wordpress travel blog themes provides exceptional customizable features to improve your reach and revenue. This theme offers ample features that are beneficial for your business. Social media support, AJAX contract form, custom post types, shortcodes, widgets, and Google maps are only some of the few features you can take advantage with the Magellan WordPress theme. Design your site to your style and needs by working on the customizable aspects of the page including logo and background, color and widget options, and social media streams.

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3. Adventure

Adventure Theme

The Adventure is one of the travel wp themes that offers great responsiveness. The theme is also retina optimized that provides great experience for users while on stay in your site. Your travel images and videos are clear and crisp that creates a more enticing and encouraging trip for the visitors. Your site is crafted with beautifully designed aura that is best for travel adventurers and enthusiasts. The biography section and full-width slider provides a more convenient and expedient know-how for both you and your viistors.

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4. Voyage


Design your travel website with the best themes like the Voyage wordpress theme. This theme is packed with the best features and tools that are likely best for your needs. Present the travel destinations and packages to your target market by using the best features this Voyage this theme offers. The support and search tools are only two of the best features this wordpress has, so grab the opportunity to bring your site closer to success. With the simple and easy to manage interface, your visitors can easily locate and identify the places they would like to visit for their honeymoon, weekend trip, and vacations.

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5. Book Your Travel

Book Your Travel

Let your visitors determine the best place to visit these coming days with the Book Your Travel WordPress Theme. The Book Your Travel theme is an ideal platform for travel agencies, booking portals, bed and breakfasts, hotels, villas, guest houses, and more. The modern and clean designs help visitors to search the destinations they want to go. Make it more accessible and user- friendly by including the price of each package. The Book your Travel website theme is versatile so you can customize it the way you want.

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6. Tourism

WordPress Tourism Theme

Created for travel websites, the tourism wordpress theme is a powerful platform that will help in building your career online. With great customization features, you can personalize the theme based on your style and preference. Play with the colors and styles the Tourism wordpress theme offers to tailor your business needs. The tourism wordpress theme has distinct features that are exceptional and user-friendly so as a first timer, you can manage and personalize the theme conveniently.

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7. Expedition


One of the best responsive wordpress themes is the Expedition wordpress theme. This theme is designed for travel agencies that offer great deals for destinations and travel packages. The Expedition wordpress theme is also for review websites, city guides, and other travel niches pages. More features are included with the Expedition package so you can customize your site with ease and versatility. Some of the features are responsive layout, dynamic homepage builder, directory page templates, homepage slideshows, CSS3 and HTML5 coding, and more.

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8. El Greco

El Greco

Another wordpress theme that travel websites should invest to is the El Greco. Developed by CSSIgniter, this wordpress theme is functional and stylish. Building your site offers great convenience. This is designed for any kind of travel agencies and websites. With the minimal and clean enterprise, your travel website will surely stand out from other competitors. Designed with easy and accessible layout, introduce your website with confidence. With great functionality and reliability, El Greco will give a satisfying experience both for you and your visitors.

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9. Journey


Developed by Gabfire, the Journey wordpress theme is user-friendly and accessible. Design your website with more attractive and enticing styles that will encourage your visitors to go on a trip with your services. Designed for magazine websites and blogs, you can now play with the color schemes to work on a more attractive platform. You can use the different options the Journey wordpress theme offers including the slider, videos and photos, custom page templates, layouts, and more.

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10. Traverse


Built from the iThemes Builder Framework, Traverse wordpress theme plays a vital role in presenting your website. The bold style and high contrast design presents your website in a more encouraging manner. By using this theme, you will be presenting a story through the destination’s images and videos. The powerful website theme layout helps in a simple and easy to navigate experience for the users. By customizing your site through the multiple tools, you can now create an incomparable website that customers will surely love the most.

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