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Best Tools for Creating Portfolios for Student Portfolio Websites

student portfolio website bannerWhen we were kids, our parents would often gather together our school work and put it together in a bundle (mine put it in a huge sack where it gathered dust and termites!). They said that they did it for keepsakes so that we could look back on fond memories as we get older. It’s a nice touch, and it’s not something most kids generally think about doing themselves. We can term such a thing a portfolio of work.

Tools That Can Help You to Make a Portfolio for Student Portfolio Websites

As students get older, though, it’s sometimes a prerequisite that they keep a portfolio of their work throughout the year. Film students are asked to keep a portfolio of their throughout the year to document their thought processes behind their short films. Art students are asked to keep a portfolio throughout the year to document their thought processes behind their art pieces. And so on. Indeed, many schools, colleges and Universities actually mark and grade the portfolio, and it’s become an essential part of our curriculum. These days, though, the online world has made creating – and maintaining – a portfolio much easier. So let’s take a look at some awesome student portfolio websites.

student portfolio websiteTumblr

Tumblr has been around for years now and, although it’s nowhere near as popular as it once was, it’s still an excellent tool for creating a student portfolio website.

Students can easily upload their work and share it on this platform, and it’s very easy to customise it so that it suits each students’ style.

student portfolio websiteThree Ring

Three Ring offers a neat way to create a student portfolio website because it basically gives a teacher the chance to create an online ‘classroom’ to which they can add each student.

Each student account is monitored by the tutor, whilst students can access their portfolios from their own devices. Search, sharing and tagging is really easy, whilst teachers can also comment on anything that’s uploaded. Really handy and useful.

student portfolio website

student portfolio websiteGoogle Sites

Some schools these days use Google Apps for Education, so if you go to one of these schools, the chances are that yours will be creating student portfolios via Google Sites. The best thing about using Google Sites is that students are able to make use of various Google apps in order to enhance their portfolio and document what they’ve been up to throughout the year.

Google apps include YouTube, Blogger, and Slides.

student portfolio websiteKidBlog

KidBlog was actually built by teachers, thus demonstrating that teachers are very capable of entrepreneurs too! Hurray for teachers! Indeed, KidBlog’s mission statement is to empower teachers and arm them for the imminent digital revolution that will happen in education.

KidBlog is essentially a student portfolio website that allows teachers to access the student blogs, ensuring the student is on track and up to date with their work. Parents are also able to view their child’s blog, although they might have to ask first as teachers can also make each blog password-protected.

If you have skills in writing, then our tips on creating a writer portfolio website might be quite useful.

Learn where to create your own portfolio for student portfolio website!

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