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Best Tips on How to Make a Game Programmer Portfolio That Will Get Noticed

game programmer portfolio website bannerIf you’ve recently decided to become a freelance game programmer but decided that you didn’t need to create a game programmer portfolio website beforehand, you’ve probably by now ran into a brick wall, with each prospective employer asking for some online samples of your work. You might not have realised it, but an online game programmer portfolio is vital for any potential client to get a good understanding of how good you are and how you work.

How to Create a Game Programmer Portfolio Website

We know it’s very easy to put off creating your own website. You might argue that it’s time consuming, expensive, or that you simply don’t know how to do it. All these excuses were good in the past, but in 2015 creating a game programmer portfolio website to showcase your work is easier than ever. Which means you’ve no excuses, we’re afraid. Let’s take a look at how to make an online portfolio that will get noticed.

game programmer portfolio website selectiveBe selective

Even if you’ve only got a fairly small work to choose from, you still need to be selective and omit the bad stuff. If a piece doesn’t strike you as being particularly great, leave it out because it will only damage your chances.

A prospective employer is only interested in the good stuff. They want to see your strengths, so just focus on this. If you’re not sure which is your best work, ask a mate to help you out.

game programmer portfolio website simpleKeep it simple

The number one error people make when creating their own online game programmer portfolio is they make it too fancy, too cluttered. So when a potential client is met by a hard-to-understand website, do they take the time to work it all out? or do they leave? They leave. Quickly.

You need to keep the layout simple, and you need to make everything accessible. Clients want to get straight to the good stuff – your samples – so you need to make sure that them getting there is as easy as it can be.

game programmer portfolio website example

image credit: sitepoint.com


game programmer portfolio website talkTalk to people

You don’t necessarily need to create a blog (although blogs are cool), but we recommend writing down your thought process behind some of the games you’ve programmed. By detailing simply and clearly your thought processes, you’re giving the client a chance to get to know how you work. Moreover, you’re engaging them and showing that you care about your work and that you’re a communicative person – which is important.

game programmer portfolio website demoShow us some demos

What better way to show prospective clients exactly what you can do by uploading a few tech demos for them to have a playground with? This a superb way of giving the client something to interact with (which they love), and shows them exactly what you’re all about and what you can do.

This gives you a much better chance of getting a job, because if your work is good enough, your client will get to see how good it is firsthand. Indeed, if it’s perfect for them they won’t hesitate in getting you on board immediately!

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Remember how to create a good game programmer portfolio!

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