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Best Tips on How to Create an Amazing Architect Portfolio Website

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If you’re a budding architect who has just got out of University, you might feel that the world is your oyster. You’re armed with qualifications and skills, and you’ve got ten years or so of education under your belt. You apply for your first freelance job but paused in consternation when the client asks to see an online portfolio of your work. Oops, that’s something you’d forgotten all about!

How to Create an Architect Portfolio Website

An architect portfolio website is hugely important if you’re going to get the jobs you really want. Potential clients want to be able to see a few samples of your work before hiring you for the job. They want to get a feel for the work you do, and whether or not your style is really what they’re looking for.

architect portfolio website newKeep it simple

An architecture portfolio website that is stuffed with work just looks bad. Remember, you’re an architect, not a bohemian artist who is allowed to be a bit unorthodox and disorganised.

When a client visits your website, they want to see something that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Rather than an architect portfolio website that is cluttered with photos of your work, keep things sparse and minimal, with plenty of white space and gaps. Make it easy on the eye.

architect portfolio website behanceLook at another architect portfolio website for inspiration

If you’re really not sure how your website should look, you could check out other architecture portfolio website for a bit of inspiration. Even sites like Flickr are great examples of the kind of layout you should be going for.

By doing some research, you’re giving yourself a better chance of creating a website that clients will want to look at, rather than look away from.

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architect portfolio website versatile

Show your versatility

Clients want an architect who is versatile. They generally aren’t looking for a one-trick pony. For this reason, if you’ve got a versatile breadth of work – show it off! Don’t limit yourself, but show your proficiency over various design disciplines. Even drawing and sketching is worth sticking on your website. Show everything you think is useful but, as mentioned, earlier, don’t clutter your site.

architect portfolio website talkTalk to people

You could do this via a blog, or you could do it by writing a few words about each piece you’ve upload. By doing this, you’re engaging with your audience, you’re communicating with them, telling a story, guiding them through your process, and showing them how you work.

Clients really appreciate this because they’re going to be investing a lot of money in whichever freelance they choose, so they want to get a feel for you and how you work.

A blog isn’t necessary, but if you have a few short words to say each about where you’re at, you could always go for it.

architect portfolio website toolChoose a good website builder

This is kinda the important bit. If you’re not familiar with web design, you’ll need to pick a website builder that is going to help you build your architect portfolio website with little hassle. You want a site that will make your portfolio look neat and accessible, but which won’t cost the earth. Wix and WordPress come highly recommended.

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Learn useful tips for creating an architecture portfolio website now!

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